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Content Creation_Blogging and Newsletters

No description

Karlene Cameron

on 8 February 2013

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Transcript of Content Creation_Blogging and Newsletters

Foundation Top of Mind Q's Organizing
the content Promoting the content Results Creating the content You can blog as little as twice a month, but when starting out try twice a week to build momentum.
Create timeless content
Write for humans, not search engines
Curate content from Google alerts and from blog comments
Repurpose content from your book; eg. lists
Relevant, educational, and valuable content
Use images as much as possible
Add variety with the occasional video or audio
Make content shareable, with call to action Your marketing plan.
Before using social media, you must have a plan in place. (social media is only a microphone). You also need a website and an e-mail capturing system. 1. What results do you want to get?
2. What is your core message?
3. What is your main topic?
4. What do you want to be known for?
5. Who are you writing for? Content Creation Preschedule posts
Create a master schedule
Use an editorial calendar for blog/newsletter
Read other posts on your topic
Participate in forums like Quora and curate content based on questions and comments Use the right headline
Tell readers what to do
Use Comment Luv
Include key influencers in your posts
Always respond to comments
Manually post to Facebook & LinkedIn You grow your mailing list of
fans who support you and your
work, and who will evangelize.

Be consistent in at least one area, no matter what. Readers want consistency of style, or insight, or article length, etc. Overview of Social Media
Intro to Content Creation
Why Blog?
Creating the Content
Organizing Content
Promoting Content
Action Steps
Guidebook You don't have to blog!
You don't have to write newsletters.
You don't have to write articles.
You don't have to use video.

But you must create fresh content on an ongoing basis-- premium content to build your list. Blogging Sequence Publish the post on the blog Send an email to your subscribers, colleagues, etc. "I just published a post on XYZ ... If you find it helpful, do share it with your network." Go to Hootsuite and schedule 3 or 4 tweets over the next couple of days.
Create a different intro text for each. Share the blog post on your Facebook
fan page Schedule another share in a couple of days using the scheduler feature. Use a different headline and image. Then share the post in groups that you regularly post in and
interact on. Update your LinkedIn status by sharing the blog post. Interact a bit and comment on others' posts Resources Update your status on LinkedIn Share the blog post, and interact a bit and comment Share on Google + Visit other blogs that you normally visit, and interact and comment. Visit the blogs of those who comment on your own blog, and leave a comment. Submit your blog to bookmarking sites, such as Stumbleupon and Delicious. Do this from your own blog using the share buttons. ACTION STEPS Look for blogs that oppose or agree with your viewpoint.
Look for blogs that have your people
Look for guest posting opportunities
Reach out to authors and bloggers who agree with or oppose your views. Send them an email using the enclosed script in the guide.
Download your guidebook The Plan consists of: Guidebook
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