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Tim Nolan, Yash Mikkili

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lib hist

on 11 September 2015

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Transcript of Tim Nolan, Yash Mikkili

Similarities and Differences
Both Orson Crandall and James Benson were in the US Navy and in Intermmin at some time. Also both Kyle Carpenter and Charles Abrell G. were in the US Marine Corps, but Charles Abrell was in the Korean War and Kyle Carpenter was in the War in Afghanistan. All four of these men were in different ranks Seamen, Lance Corpral, Corpral and Chief Boatswain's Mate.
Orson Crandall
Orson Crandall got the Medal of Honor because he saved lives in the sinking of the USS Squalus. He was a master diver throughout the rescue and salvage operations. In this act he showed valor and courage.
Abrell Charles G.
Abrell Charles G. served in the Korean War. He was in combat at Inchon, Seoul, Wonsan, Chosin Reservoir, and Hanghum before the fatal assault on a hill near Hwachon for which he was awarded the Medal of Honor.
Birth, and Death
Born August 12, 1931 Terre Haute, Indiana
Died June 10, 1951 (aged 19)
Hangnyong, Korea
James Benson
James Benson got the Medal of Honor because of his great acts of valor and patriotism on boardthe USS Ossipee. He jumped off a ship moving at 4 knots to rescue John K. Smith from drowning.
Kyle Carpenter
Lance Corpral Kyle Carpenter got the Medal of Honor because showed valor and sacrifice. On November 21, 2010, he jumped in the way of a hand granade to protect his fellow Marine from the blast in Afghanistan.
Tim Nolan, Yash Mikkili
Medal Of Honor Recipients
Birth and Death
Born on 17 October, 1989, Flowood, MS
Birth and Death
Born on February 2, 1903 and died on May 10, 1960
Birth and Death
Born in 1845, Denmark and died on August 4, 1890
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