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The Marines

No description

Drew Bogue

on 16 October 2014

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Transcript of The Marines

The Marines
Why You should join
Helps Your country for everlasting freedom
Honored being named a Marine of the United States
Travel many countries
It makes you physically fit mind and body
Good leadership
After serving you can receive better career Choices = More Money
What you have to do to join the marines
At least 17 years of age to enlist
Cannot reach the age of 29 before enlistment
Citizen of the United States of America
Proof of Legal Residency
Physical Examination on file

High School Diploma to enlist
Bachelors Degree to be an Officer
M203 Grenade Launcher
M9 Beretta
.50 CAL Machine Gun
M4 Carbine
FGM-148 Javelin
Mark 19
Free/reduced Scholarship price's for colleges
Weapons of the Marines
M777 howitzer
60MM Mortar/ 81MM Mortar
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