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Nina Raissa

on 24 April 2013

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Transcript of Batik

by: Nina Raissa batik .The History of BATIK. What is BATIK? Palm leaf animals Plants temple relief Clouds wayang The Differentiation of Batik in Different Places in Indonesia JOGJAKARTA Jogja's batik have the meaning in each motives. Jogja's batik is usually dark colored Grompol Motive used for wedding ceremonies it symbolies gather together, it means
by using it, They can get all good things,
luck, happiness, children, and
harmonious married life. Tambal Motive it is believed that if one is ill and
wears a batik with the tambal motif,
he will quickly recover PEKALONGAN! The batik of pekalongan is the most colourful batik in Indonesia it's all because pekalongan have some harbor so the foreigners came and influenced the lifestlye of the people and also influenced the motif of batik. Mostly is the settlers from chinese and dutch Pekalongan batik can be classified into three categories ENCIM MOTIF Encim motif is taken from chinese culture. it's very colorful because for chinese people,bright color especially red symbolized happiness :) Dutch Motif Indonesian motif a piece of Batik <3 patience. skill. persistence patience. skill. persistence. skill. patience. patience. skill. persistence. skill. patience came from Javanese languange which means "to write" in the 17th centuries: batik is made on palm leaves (daun lontar) the motives is only between animal and plants the first time, batik is only wore by kingdom's family especially in central java area now, batik is used by everyone, both young and old, and the motives is not only between animals or plants but also like temple reliefs, cloud, wayang, and some abstrack motives. BEFORE THE WORLD IS CHANGING AND ALSO THE DESIGN OF BATIK That's all from me Thank You As time goes by, Batik enthusiasts was getting decreased. UNESCO established batik as Indonesia's cultural heritage on 2nd October 2009 Jusuf Kalla made the rule that we must wear batik every Friday THE SPIRIT OF AMERICA IN HERITAGE OF BATIK
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