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Lean Canvas template

Lean canvas template based on the excellent "Running Lean" book by Ash Maurya. For more powerful template go to www.leancanvas.com.

Peter Komornik

on 30 December 2012

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Transcript of Lean Canvas template

Customer segments Problem Unique Value Proposition Solution Channels Revenues Cost Key metrics Unfair Advantage Lean Canvas Template Existing Alternatives High-level Concept List your top 1-3 problems List how these problems are solved today Early Adopters Clear & compelling message that turns visitors into prospects List your target customers and users List the characteristics of your ideal customers List your X for Y analogy (e.g. YouTube = Flickr for videos) Outline a possible solution for each problem Something that can't be easily copied or bought List your path to customers List the key numbers that tell you how your business is doing List your sources of revenues List your fixed and variable cost Segment 1
Segment 2
... Here you can describe your segment in more detail Early Adopters
... Single clear & compelling message that would turn your visitors into prospects Clear definition of the main problem of your customer segments One-sentence summary of how you solve the problem Your solution (Youtube) is like X (Flickr) for Y (Videos) Alternative 1
Alternative 2
... Channel 1
Channel 2
... Metric 1
Metric 2
... Use this small frames to provide additional detail to your main items Advantage 1
Advantage 2
... Revenue source 1
Revenue source 2
... Fixed cost 1
Variable cost 1
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