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Marketing Brita Water Filters

No description

John Kreul

on 30 April 2013

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Transcript of Marketing Brita Water Filters

Brita Water Filters Company Overview By John Parent, Dan Mackett, Hillary Vice, and John Kreul Brita Filters
Commercial German Company
facilities in Switzerland and the UK
One of the largest names in home water filtration
Brand rights are owned by the Clorox Company Brita's 4 P's SWOT Promotional Redesign
for the young adult demographic Product Pitchers
Filtering Bottles
Replacement Filters
Faucet Filtration Price Compact pitchers: $20 - $30
Large pitchers: $33 - $48
Water bottles: $9 – $19
Pitchers and dispensers: $8 per filter, bottles: $8 for two filters.
Price decreases as quantity ordered increases.
Dispensers: $44
Faucet Filtration: $19 - $30 Placement Direct purchases from website
Common retail locations
Grocery stores
Superstores: Wal-Mart, Target, etc. Promotion FilterForGood ® Campaign
Founded in 2007 with Nalgene water bottle company
The movement is designed to encourage the switching from plastic water bottles to reusable bottles filled with filtered water Strengths Leader in the pitcher filtration system
Top market share holders
60% of household filtered water market
Strong brand recognition
Industry leader in environmental activism Weaknesses Lost 10% their market share over the past 20 years
Inferior cleaning capacity of filters relative to competitors
Perceived unaffordability by many Opportunities New “Filter for Good” campaign is gaining notoriety
Filtered water bottles are becoming more popular
The "Green" movement
Untapped Markets
young adults, students, first-time home owners Threats
Dwindling market share
Decreasing disposable income limits discretionary spending on household items
Increased competition
PUR, Zerowater, Culligan
Portable filtered water bottles Emphasis on health
Environmentally conscious
College campuses & towns
Opportunity for cost effective & engaging marketing options
Target market highly concentrated Rationale Why Young Adults? 2 Pronged Approach Part 1:
Getting involved on campus Develop contests to engage campuses
Cheap increase in brand visibility
Generation of goodwill
Hands-on involvement through reps
Create excitement & WOM buzz
Emphasize environmental awareness Developing the young adult market Create friendly competition Encourage switch from bottled water
Tie incentives and school pride to the brand
Increase environmental awareness
Increase awareness of FilterForGood® Part 2:
Television & Viral Advertisement Media influenced recent purchases of 53% of 20-30 year old demographic (Ad Age)
Reinforce brand awareness
Social media & blogs
Popular television programs What needs to be communicated Health benefits
Environmental benefits
Economical in long run
85% more cost effective than bottled water
43% cite filtration as prohibitively expensive (Mintel)
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