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A Walk to Remember

No description

Sydney Nguyen

on 22 May 2014

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Transcript of A Walk to Remember

A Walk to Remember
A Walk to Remember: Book Cover
A Walk to Remember: Movie Cover
Book Characters
Directors Approach
Nicholas Spark, the director, and the producers decided to update the setting from the 1950s to the 1990s, worrying that a film set in 1958 would fail to draw teens." To interest them," he writes, "we had to make the story more contemporary."
In the novel, Hegbert wrote a Christmas play that illustrated struggle as a widowed father. However, due to time constraints, the sub-plot showing how he overcame his struggles could not be in the film. Sparks was concerned that "people who hadn't read the book would question whether Hegbert was a good father", and added that "because he is a good father and we didn't want that question to linger, we changed the play."
Overall, I can see that it was done for the betterment of the work. It helped to bring a wider range of audience and make it more "relatable" in the sense of love in that time period.
The Play
Landon willingly takes part in the play that centers on Christmas, and Jamie plays an angel. She also does not sing. The play includes Hegbert's struggle as a father.
: Landon is forced to be in the Spring play as punishment for the prank that went wrong. The play depicts the Prohibition Era, and Jamie plays a singer. The subplot of Hegbert's struggles are dropped.
Critical Acclaim: Book
"This is pure schmaltz, a genuine tear-jerker written for impressionable young teenagers to outline a more serious approach to love than the usual "let's hit the sack and have some fun" approach." - Theodore A. Rushton

"The moment I fixed my eyes onto the surface of the first page of the book's prologue, my feet as if set foot onto the world of what I was reading. I became the main character himself. Marvelous really it is to say how amazing the approach of the main character's perspective to me as a reader. Truly effective."
-When Blog and Book Collide

"A truly moving story that will have you reaching for the chocolate and the tissues in the same moment. A real tear-jerker." - Book Nerd & Critic

"Not as filling or intense as a multicourse dinner with dessert, but satisfying in its own way, like snacking on a cup of yogurt." -Nadine Keels

The setting of the novel is taken place in Beaufort, North Carolina in 1958. The town is divided into two areas. There's the poor side of town. The other side of town is the wealthier side of town. There is a lake that separates some of the homes and a church that separates the poor side of town from the richer side of town. All of the teenagers in town go to the same school, which isn't really that many people. The story mostly takes place when Landon is walking Jamie home or at school. Until the middle of the book, it starts to talk about the play.
Movie Trailer
Movie Characters
Landon Carter
: a self-centered teenager who watches life from the sidelines (often making fun of anyone he views as different) to a self-assured young man who places his focus on the welfare of others.
Jamie Sullivan
: She is a very religious girl, always quiet always wearing an old brown cardigan and puts her hair up in a bun. She appears to have no friends. She suffers a deadly form of cancer
Hegbert Sullivan
: A seventy-two-year-old, quiet, Baptist minister, the father of Jamie.
Mr. &Mrs. Carter
: Mr. Carter is a long-serving U.S. Congressman and a wealthy man, since he inherited his father’s fortune. Landon’s mother, actually plays a significant role in his life. She encourages Landon to take Jamie somewhere special to show her how he feels.
Eric Hunter
: Landon's good looking, athletic, all American, white, best friend. He teases Landon about his friendship with Jamie, and sometimes his humor has a cruel edge.
Landon Carter
The delinquent in town, who is a lot more cruel to Jamie (than in the books)
Jamie Sullivan
She had uncool friends. She is not as shy and didn't care what people thought and liked herself. She always wore and old ugly green sweater.
Hegbert Sullivan
He is not as old; he is often crabby but his daughter describes him as having "a good sense of humor." He maintains a strong dislike for Mr. Carter due to his father's choices. He also speaks more in the movie than in the novels
Mr. & Mrs. Carter
In the movie Landon's father was a cardiologist who had left the family and remarried.
Eric Hunter
An black delinquent that was a lot more cruel. He apologizes to Landon after they find out Jamie is sick.
Jamie's Mother
Jamie's mother is dead. Jamie carries her mother's bible everywhere with her as a constant memory.
Jamie's mother is dead. Jamie carries around her mothers journal but does not hold the same importance.
: The book reveals that Jamie has been suffering from Leukemia when Landon was walking her home from Cecil's Diner.
Jamie reveals her illness in an ally as they are walking around. After she tells him, she runs away from Landon
Jamie tells Landon it is her dream to be married.
She has a long list of things she wants to do, including being in two places at once, getting a tattoo. Being married in the same church as her mother is at the top of her list.
Jamie's Death/The End
The book ends with the 57 year old Landon still loving Jamie and wearing her ring. It doesn't clearly state that she died.
It is clear she has died. It ends with Landon returning to see Jamie's father to give him back Jamie's mother's book. He tells him he has become a success because of Jamie.
The setting of the movie is taken place in Beaufort, North Carolina in 1998. The film does not go into details as to how the town is divided, the wealthier and poor sides, but it can be inferred by looking at the neighborhood and houses around town. The film centers around the car rides with Jamie, Jamie's home, school, and the play. There were also more shots(different settings) in the film since they added more subplots (i.e. Jamie's dreams).
Landon starts off not liking Jamie, being embarrassed by her.
Once he overcomes that fear, he has to deal with friends, family, and Jamie’s dad about dating Jamie.
Landon is at war with himself and wants to find who he is and who he wants to be.
Landon's inevitable love for Jamie despite her wishes to be in love.
Jamie is battling with leukemia and is not expected to live much longer.
Landon hates Jamie but must interact with her as punishment for a prank
Landon resents his father for find a new family to love.
Landon's friends ridiculing and mocking their relationships.
Landon's inner-conflicts as he begins to grow and figure out who he is suppose to be.
Landon's inevitable love for Jamie despite her wishes to be in love.
Jamie's battle with Leukemia and early death.
*The themes that are placed are equally significant in the books and movies
Love conquers all
The theme of love conquers all is one of the most important themes in that is shown
throughout the story, without love, life is meaningless.

God's Plan
The theme of God’s Plan is also an important theme in the story. Throughout the plot, the question of "What is God's Plan?" is sought to be answered.

A final theme involves faith in God and in ourselves.

Superficiality and judgment based on appearances
Superficiality and judgment based on appearances which can be seen in the attitudes of Landon and his friends is a prevalent theme through most of the story.

The capacity to change
An important theme that is emphasized throughout is of how we all have the capacity to change for the better as seen by all the characters in the story.

Scenes removed from film:
Landon asking Jamie to the homecoming dance and the actual dance.
This particular scene allowed Landon to see something different in Jamie. By removing it from the film, the audience were not able to experience the shift in emotion and likings of Landon.
In the novel, Jamie gives Landon her mother's Bible for Christmas.
The Bible that Jamie gives Landon emphasizes his awareness of how precious the gift of the Bible really is and how important his is to Jamie. It was one of the first important moments that Jamie showed her love towards Landon. By not adding this in the movie, it changes that one moment where the audience can see how much Landon means to Jamie.
Critical Acclaim: Movie
"Though wholesome, the Mandy Moore vehicle A Walk to Remember is also bland and oppressively syrupy." - Rotten Tomatoes

"The performances by Moore and West are so quietly convincing we're reminded that many teenagers in movies seem to think like 30-year-old standup comics. That Jamie and Landon base their romance on values and respect will blindside some viewers of the film, especially since the first five or 10 minutes seem to be headed down a familiar teenage movie trail. "A Walk to Remember" is a small treasure." - Roger Ebert

"Tonight I left the theater angry. Not because, as you might expect, I’d been forced to watch yet another shallow teen movie starring another empty headed fad of the moment teen pop star, and not because a low quality plastic key chain thrown by wacky morning D.J. stunt-boy “Billy” had impacted with my head (which it had). Rather, I was in a twist because I’d just seen something special sabotaged by truly bad taste." -Joshua Tyler

"It's wholesome as a glass of milk, and as refreshing." - Philadelphia Inquirer
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The major and minor differences that occur between the novel and film are significant in the way they reach their range of audience. Every scene, plot, character that has been different has it's purpose and the main purpose of it all is to connect this love story a wider and larger range of audience. People of all different kinds enjoy the book and film.
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