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Ancient Greece Medicine

No description

madeline jacobs

on 6 April 2015

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Transcript of Ancient Greece Medicine

Hippocrates proved that disease wasn't a punishment from the gods and that it was a science.
Greeks borrowed the god of health from the Egyptians. (Imhotep)
Alexander the Great conquered a part of Egypt and named it Alexandria.
Over 600 plants
They were put in hot, dry places.
How did Hippocrates accomplishments impact Ancient Greece?
How did the medicine and beliefs of Egypt influence/impact Greece.
What was their medicine made out of and where did they treat their patients?
Ancient Greece Medicine
by Madeline Jacobs
He wrote the Hippocratic oath which is followed by many doctors today
He made the basis of modern medicine by teaching people to observe patients closely
He said that fruits and veggies were bad for you.
He prescribed exercise for a balanced body.
He taught how to treat specific symptoms and how to observe carefully which is still used today.
Egypt's medicine
They started trading medicine with Egypt through everyday trade.
The medicine, surgeries, clinics and teachings were carried into the Greek culture and was made the hub of ancient Greece medicine
The greeks ended up making their own god named Asclepius.
lots of herbal medicine
tests on people were done to see what blends fixed a specific illness.
Rome had alot of medicine advances
They had special temples as their clinics
They also had massages, a bath and treatments
It was like a spa
No one knows the type of medicine and teachings they used because a library burned down with all of the information in it in 200 A.D
ancient temple
ancient bath
Ancient Greece has always had an impact on modern medicine for the breakthroughs in religion, to medicines, and observation.
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Ancient Greece impacted modern day medicine by proving that disease had nothing to do with religion, for it it is a science
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