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Shoalhaven Coast Winter Wine Festival

No description

Hannah McCall

on 3 April 2013

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Transcript of Shoalhaven Coast Winter Wine Festival

Situation Analysis Introduction Online Presence Competitors - Slice of Haven, Camden Haven
- Upper Hunter Wine and Food Affair, Denman
- Lovedale Long Lunch, Hunter Valley
- Unwined in the Riverina, Griffith
- Go Grazing, Mudgee Key Problem SWOT Analysis TripAdvisor Website Facebook The Big Idea We know you hate Mondays...
So we made one you'll love Billboard Advertising Effective way to reach target audience

Simple Visual Message

Short and Catchy, shortening of the original tagline Advertising Strategy Flighting Strategy

Most effective strategy for the budget

According to Monash Study 75% of people decided to attend in the month leading to the festival

Billboard Advertising launched one month before the commencement of the wine festival Benefits Economically efficient

Low production costs compared to other mediums for cost per thousand

24 hour presence, high frequency, high reach and geographic flexibility

Effective for targeting middle to high-income earners The Big Idea Used to solve the problems of lack of attendance on Mondays

Designed to grab attention, stay in their mind and be recalled Approach Soft sell approach

Emotional Appeal to connect with the negative association people have mondays

Offering experience to the cusomter for a more enjoyable monday 45- 64 years Target Audience Increase attendance on Mondays to at least 50% by next year Retaining 35% of those who attend on Sundays to stay on more day
To change to customers perception of Mondays to a positive and relaxing experience
Make the Shoalhaven Coast Winter Wine Festival brand favorable over other festivals 77% of people who read, read the newspaper
Most frequent readers are those in the age range 45- 64 Newspaper Advertising In Local and State Newspapers How? Objectives Reference List Australian Bureau of Statistics 2010, Arts and Culture in Australia, accessed 26th September 2012, http://www.abs.gov.au/ausstats/abs@.nsf/0/BF4EDAC246040A18CA2577C00013B468?opendocument. Arora,
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‘The Social Psychology of Leisure and Recreation’, Dubuque Iowa, USA.Crompton,
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