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Who is Mr Google?

A Prezi used when special guest presenting in Primary Schools to start a conversation about Critical Evaluation

Eleanor Johnston

on 6 August 2013

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Transcript of Who is Mr Google?

Who is Mr Google? Which of these are Real Mr Men? Use your cards to vote. First up, let's play a game

Please put your Green card up if you have a fact for me! Ok - here's the tricky bit - how do we know the 'information' is true? Put your green card up if you have a fact and why you think it is true. For example, who wrote the pages So there is no Mr Google - it's all about how you search and being able to EVALUATE your results With your special guest - Eleanor from Staffordshire University Green card = Real
Red card = Not real Who is Mr Google?
He is not a real Mr Man.
So who looks after his search engine? Have we checked lots of different pages (or 'sources')
Do we know who wrote the webpage? But don't we all use Google to find things on the Internet? Today we are going to use Google to find out about the Blitz in World War Two Are the top results the 'best' ones?

Who writes the Google description? You have 10 minutes.......... I need you to go onto a computer, use Google and write down 5 facts about The Blitz in World War Two What we are trying to find is information on Google that is reliable. Where did the information come from? What is the 'domain name?'

Look at how the results change when you put different things into the search box And look for this at the bottom of the page.........
Searches related to blitz world war two:
bombing in ww2
world war 2 blitz
kidsfacts about the blitz
when did the blitz start in ww2
blitz dates
effects of the blitz have you ever noticed this button? Now think about your search again and have another go - you have 10 minutes!
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