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Mazzika Magazine

Mazzika Magazine Evaluation

amina jama

on 25 May 2010

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Transcript of Mazzika Magazine

I have created my media product which was designing a magazine of the R&B genre. I have researched for magazines of the R&B genre to get some ideas of how to design my magazine I have used a picture that suited the magazine’s purpose
and made sure that I put my picture in the middle
to attract attention to it. The fonts I used for my magazine were similar to original music magazines, I made the text bold and used different styles for each sentence and I thought that this made my magazine appropriate and more attractive for the target audience. The photos I have used for my front cover, double page spread and contents page were mainly medium shot and wide shot, I have researched for the shots that are used in other magazines from the same genre and found out that most of them use a medium shot photo which helps in attracting attention to the photo of the artist they also use wide shot to show the musical instruments that the different artists use. Fonts Photos R&B Front covers

My double page spread and contents page follows forms and conventions of a real magazine double page spread and contents page in many ways, I have inserted a medium close up image of the artist on the right side of the double page spread and a wide shot with the musical instruments showing on the left side.

I have my magazine name largely at the top to make it clear what magazine you are looking at. I have researched for how magazines from the R&B genre layout their contents page and this gave me an Idea of how to design it, I have used a medium shot photo of the artist on the right side of the page and included the list of the topics the magazine has on the right side.
I have used persuasive and informative language to ensure that my target group will be attracted to my topics. I have made sure that I use a simple language that people can understand. I have aimed it at 16-20 year olds as in my questionnaire this was the most popular age range. I picked the suitable topics that this age group would be interested in to attract them to read my magazine.

I have ensured that the artist I am interviewing would be from the same age as my target group to help them know the different ways to achieve their dreams by giving examples of teenagers from the same age that have achieved their dreams and became singers.

I have used some other magazines ideas of how to layout my magazine, but I made sure that I make slight changes to make my magazine original and different to others. My fonts in all three pages are simple and easy to read and my text in the double page spread is in both sides of the page to make it look neat and make sure that the page is divided into two equal half. Language used and
Target Group
I have included a “Discover your signing talent” competition that is inside the magazine this encourages people to buy my magazine and to take part in the competition.

This competition fits in with the idea of reality shows e.g. X factor which are part of a popular culture; this will be very interesting for the target audience as they are interested in these kind of shows. Competitions

The artist that I am interviewing is a young female artist and is from the same age as my target audience and that makes the readers relate to her. Her original country couldn’t help her achieve her dream to be a singer, but the patience and determination she had made her achieve her dream to become a famous singer.

I have chosen to tell this story about this young singer so that this can be an inspiration to the readers and to show them that difficulties can be overcome and that they must never give up their dream. The artist’s story links to the social group of teenage and young adults who have dreams and goals that they want to achieve. Social Groups Represented Institutions to distribute my magazine I cannot think of a media institutions that would be interested to distribute my magazine as there are already many magazines from the R&B genre that are distributed and already exist, however I think that HMV and Tesco’s and many other markets would be interested in my magazine as it has topics that catches the attention of readers e.g. artist interviews.

It attracts both male and female, and the way it’s designed is individual and unique and is different from other magazines from the same music genre. I have learned technologies from this process as well as learning a lot of new skills; I have gained knowledge of how to use Adobe Photoshop. I have made many mistakes at first, but after practicing how to design magazines I learned how to use Photoshop and started making my images look better by using the magical eraser as well as using brightness and contrasts to make the images stand out and draw the readers into my magazine. Technologies and Skills Logos I have designed my logos in
logo maker website . I have decided
to use the second logo with the black
colour as i think it smore attractive
and clear.

the colour on my logo suited the
magazine font colours as well as
teh background. EvaluatIon
I have asked a lot of questions related to music magazines. These questions were including a question on whether my target group are interested in reading all topics of magazines or they just focus on particular topics.

Another question was if the readers would be interested in reading a magazine from the R&B genre as well as making a list of magazines and letting people choose the magazine they like from the list and if its not there I put other, this gave me ideas of the sort of magazine my target group are attracted to. How long they spend reading magazines and if they think magazines are useful or useless.

This is a screen shot of the questionnaire I have made and the results
in graphs
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