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Science toothpaste project

Me and Claire

Chloe Pienaar

on 31 January 2013

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Transcript of Science toothpaste project

Toothpaste Testing!! By Chloe and Claire!! Question:How does the brand of toothpaste affect how well your teeth get cleaned? $2.84 "Fights germs for twelve hours! Helps prevent cavities, gingivitis, and plaque!" Crest KID'S $3.19 It claims to give you a healthier cleaner shade for life! Arm and Hammer $3.79 It claims to make your teeth three shades lighter! Independent Variable: Brand of toothpaste. Dependent Variable: How clean your teeth are. Materials: -1 Toothbrush
-3 Toothpaste Brands
-2 Squares of Chocolate
-1 Camera Controls: 1. Amount of toothpaste
2. Amount of chocolate
3. How hard you scrub your teeth
4. In what motion you scrub
5. For how long you brush your teeth If we test to see which brand cleans your teeth best,
Then we think Colgate will clean best,
Because it claims to help prevent plaque. HYPOTHESIS Procedure 1. Get ready by putting 1/4 tsp of tooth paste on your toothbrush.
2. Melt 1/3 of a cube of dark chocolate in the microwave for 60 seconds.
3. Smear the melted chocolate on the 4 top and bottom teeth.
4. Pick up your toothbrush and brush from left to right, for 40 seconds.
5. Spit out the toothpaste.
6. Take a picture.
7. Clean your mouth completely to get ready for the next trial. Conclusion! How does the brand of toothpaste affect how clean your teeth are?
We discovered that Kid's Crest cleaned your teeth the best. We rated how well it cleaned by doing numbers 1-10, it got an average 3.4 . We saw that it got most of the chocolate off, while the others did not get as much off. Our hypothesis was not supported, because we thought that Colgate would clean the best. CONCLUSION 2 We learned that we should brush our teeth with Kid's Crest, because it cleaned the best. The experiment was fair and accurate, because we made sure the controls were used accurately. If we changed the experiment, we would test it more times and with different chocolates. Another question I would ask is how well does the toothpaste get in between your teeth to get out the chocolate? Before... After... Before... After... Before... After... The average is 1.8 The average is 3.4 The average is 2.6 Thanks For Watching! We did two trials and we rated how well each toothpaste worked on a scale of one to ten, ten being the cleanest. Then we averaged the number of the two trials. EXPLANATION
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