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Educational Technology

Evaluating different types of personal computing/digital devices that could be used for educational purposes.

Stuart Joyce

on 24 March 2010

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Transcript of Educational Technology

Educational Technology There are a couple devices
that schools could use. Computers Advantages: easy access to information useful programs Cellular Devices Advantages: easy to spread a message most students have cell phones already Disadvantages: expensive Disadvantages: Computers are found everywhere: businesses, banks, stores, homes and schools. They are becoming faster and more useful. Everyone knows what a cell phone is. Most people already own cell phones, including students in schools. students will always be texting cell phones can be pricey allows work to be done easily students might not use them to do work Computers are already being used in classrooms, and they have been proven to be a valuable addition. Cell phones have been proven to be a disruption in the classroom, because sudents can't seem to stop texting. Sources used:
my brain
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