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Double Helix

No description

Mariah Carrasco

on 4 February 2013

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Transcript of Double Helix

A structure of DNA. "Double
helix" refers to the shape of the DNA strand. Discovered in 1953 Double Helix James Watson, Francis crick and Maurice Wilkins discovered the double helix in 1953.Francis Crick had began his educational career by studying physics, he went on to study many other things.His friendship with James was a critical influence in his career that lead to the proposal of the double helix.James Watson was the first Director of the National Center for Human Genome Research of the National Institutes of Health.Wilkins was a nuclear physicists but changed his focus to biophysics.Rosalind Franklin was also involved in this discovery but was not awarded the nobel prize. These three men were awarded the Nobel Prize in 1962. What led to this discovery? -transformed biology,gave medicine new impetus, and a foundation for the new industry.
-It was one of the most important discovery's of the 20Th century.
-The double helix became the basis for modern genetics and the exciting developments of genetic engineering.
-The discovery of the double helix helped to produce new and powerful scientific techniques, specifically recombinant DNA research, genetic engineering, rapid gene sequencing, and monoclonal antibodies, techniques on which today's multi-billion dollar biotechnology industry is founded. This discovery had a huge impact on society. Genetic engineering also known as genetic modification connects with the discovery of the double helix. Genetic engineering is copying one organisms DNA and putting it into a host. Genetic engineering deals with DNA. Watson, Crick, Franklin and Wilkins provided a gateway for genetic engineering. Connections "Francis Crick - Biography". Nobelprize.org. 31 Jan 2013 http://www.nobelprize.org/nobel_prizes/medicine/laureates/1962/crick-bio.html Who made the discovery? Watson and Crick looked at an x-ray diffraction image made by Wilkins collage,Rosalind Franklin, and were able to interpret the graph based on prior knowledge and concluded that the structure of DNA was a double helix.Watson and Crick proposed their findings in Nature in 1953. Shell, Hanna Rose. "Watson, James." Biology. Ed. Richard Robinson. Vol. 4. New York: Macmillan Reference USA, 2002. 196-197. Gale Virtual Reference Library. Web. 31 Jan. 2013. https://www.boundless.com/biology/dna/dna-encodes-heritable-traits/discovering-structure-dna/ . "James Watson, Francis Crick, Maurice Wilkins, and Rosalind Franklin." Chemical Heritage Foundation. N.p., n.d. Web. 3 Feb 2013. <http://www.chemheritage.org/discover/online-resources/chemistry-in-history/themes/biomolecules/dna/watson-crick-wilkins-franklin.asp&xgt;. - the progress made by X-ray crystallographers in studying organic macromolecules -the growing evidence supplied by geneticists By Mariah Carrasco && Alexis Barajas (:
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