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Black Barbershop Health Initiative - West End Design Share

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Christine Umbertino

on 7 April 2014

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Transcript of Black Barbershop Health Initiative - West End Design Share

• Black men live 7.1 years less than other racial groups.
• They have higher disability and death rates from high
blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and
prostate cancer of any racial or ethnic group in the
United States (40% of black men die prematurely
compared to 21% of white men). Part of the reason
is economic.
• African American men have the highest prostate
cancer occurrence rates in the world.
• Black Men are 5 times more likely to die from

Community Engagement
is building relationships between
community partners & neighbors to
create a common vision to benefit the community

The first objective is creating a sense of community
Why barbershops & beauty salons?

Black-owned barbershops and beauty salons have a special status in the African-American community and a large and loyal clientele that visits frequently

Barbers and salon workers with health care training may monitor blood pressure, screen for diabetes, dispense condoms, and give advice on asthma, HIV, prostate cancer, proper nutrition, and other issues important to the health of African-American men and women
Essential to creating a sense of community
is the ability of community organizations to
integrate and fulfill the needs within the

There is a great need for health awareness in African American communities and to reduce health disparities
Why we chose black barbershop health initiative?

Scored high on the evaluation matrix
Addresses the root issue of creating a sense of community and community engagement
Contributes to community empowerment
Potential for sustainability (longevity) is high
Number of people who would benefit is high
Organizational fit Cornerstone Housing and SLACO are interested in events which will benefit the community and help build cohesiveness for future change. Program connects people in meaningful ways
Contributes to intended outcomes - this program contributes to multiple outcomes
Low risk of unintended/negative consequences
Financial feasibility

Suggested Implementation

We have several medical schools in the St. Louis area and
Washington University is currently doing metabolic testing in barbershops. We can contact them and request to have West End designated for future health screenings.

We can meet with black-owned barbershops and beauty salons in the neighborhood (approximately 8) and find out which ones would be interested in hosting a health screening.

Neighborhood volunteers can be trained by medical students to do blood pressure, diabetes testing and other tests. The event will promote good will in the neighborhood, community cohesiveness, health awareness, and reduced health disparities for the target population.

The American Medical Association estimates that extending health care interventions to all of the approximately 18,000 black-owned barbershops in the United States could result in 800 fewer heart attacks, 550 fewer strokes, and 900 fewer deaths among African-American men in the first year alone

The National Institutes of Health is in the midst of a two year study that could lead to more federal funding and an expansion of barbershop-based health services.

Projected Impact
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