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The Blind Side and Symbolic Interactionism

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Maggie Brooks

on 17 December 2013

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Transcript of The Blind Side and Symbolic Interactionism

Scene 2:
In a scene in the movie, Leigh Anne noticed Micheal was shivering in the cold while walking down a road. After talking to him for a short time, she learned that he was planning to spend the night outside of the school gym. Leigh Anne offered a place to stay at her place for Micheal. Through this interaction between the two, Micheal received his first real feeling of a family; the love and warmth that Leigh Anne had offered him (as a mother.) This feeling was the spark that ignited the relationship that would soon give his life meaning and something to live for. That night afterwards, Leigh Anne also offered Micheal the choice to come and spend Thanksgiving with her family. This was another interaction which furthered increased the bond between Michael and Leigh Anne, as she is beginning to make him feel even more welcome in her family
Scene 3:
The Theory:
Symbolic Interactionism
This perspective relies on the symbolic meaning that people develop and rely upon in the process of social interaction. With Symbolic interactionism, reality is seen as social, developed interaction with others. Most symbolic interactionists believe a physical reality does indeed exist by an individual's social definitions, and that social definitions develop in part or relation to something “real.” In a simple overview, symbolic interactionism is the way we learn to interpret and give meaning to the world though our interactions with others.
What the Theory Has to Offer:
Meaning itself is not inherent in objects
Human beings act toward things on the basis of the meanings that they have assigned to them
Meaning arises in the process of interaction between people. that is, it takes place in the context of relationships whether with family or community
Meanings are handled in and modified through an interpretive process used by the person in dealing with things he or she encounters
Once people define a situation as real, it's very real in its consequences
The Movie:
The Blind Side
The Blind Side and Symbolic Interactionism
Why We Chose It:
Through the interactions of Michael and Leigh Anne, a very strong bond was formed. This bond was basically equal to the role of a mother-son relationship where Leigh Anne took Michael in and cared for him as her own. She helped him throughout the entire movie to have a successful life. Through their interactions, Michael's life was given purpose and meaning to go forth and make something of himself.
Scene 1:
Maggie Brooks
Kai Kpa
Miranda Priester
Nicolle Priester
Based on a True Story
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