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The Catcher in the Rye ABC Book

No description

Hunter Pellum

on 11 December 2010

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Transcript of The Catcher in the Rye ABC Book

ABC Book The Catcher in the Rye B C M N O D E L K J I H G F A P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Allie Baseball Mitt Allie's baseball mitt helps Holden remember his brother
and the love he has missed through his years. Cadillac Holden wanted\\\ to drive
a Cadillac. Ducks Holden questions where they
go for the winter. Ed Bankys Flunk Girls Holden always talks about girls, but is afraid to approach them. Holden Insecurity Holden is constantly insecure
about the choices he makes. Jane Kids He dreams of saving kids
before they fall off a cliff. Lying Holden lies a lot and
admits he is good at it. Motel Holden moves into a motel
after he leaves Pencey. New York Old Holden calls some people "Old" at the beginning of their names. Quit Holden quits trying in
a lot of the things he does. Robert Ackley Smoking Taxi Taxis are Holden's mode
of transportation. Unsure Holden always questions
the decisions he makes. Vicks Nose Drops Vicks Nose Drops are the suspected source of the
overbearing smell when Holden
visits Mr. Spencer at his house. Writer Holden's brother D.B. is a
talented writer. Xenophobia Holden does not like being
approached by strangers. Yelling Holden always yells at people
and verbally abuses them. Holden takes Pheobe
to a zoo. Holden wants to drive a Cadillac.
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