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Sirens and Sea Monsters Chapter 3 Song of the Sirens

Chapter 3 Song of the Sirens

Miles Franklin

on 21 June 2010

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Transcript of Sirens and Sea Monsters Chapter 3 Song of the Sirens

Sirens and Sea Monsters Chapter 3- Song of the Sirens After talking with the goddess Circe her words stil rang in Odyessues' ear. "Your path wil be dangerous indeed, but if you do as I say, you will find your way home"
page 34 For the past 12 months Circe has contolled Odysseus fate. Odyessues told his crewmates about what Circe has told him. "The sirens are beautiful women who sing from a field of flowers near the sea. Any man that hears their song will drown themslef trying to get to them."page 37 & 38 http://images.barnesandnoble.com/images/13780000/13783588.JPG After being on the water for a while Odyesseus noticed that the waves were getting calmer. He knew they were etting close to the island. Odyesseus ordered all of his men to stick beeswax in their ears so they would not hear the Siren's song.Then tie him to the shaft of the ship and do not untie him no matter how much he pleads for them to. http://flavias.blogspot.com/2009/07/odysseus-by-waterhouse.html As the ship got closer Odyesseus started to hear the song of the Sirens "Harken brave Odysseus, listen to us now. No one can pass our island without staying to hear our song.He who listens will be all the wiser, he who listens will discover the secrets of the god" sang the Sirens (page 41) As his ship got closer Odyesseus saw two lovely women in a flowerly meadow. To his amazment, he saw that the women had wings like birds. As the ship got closer odysseus saw dead sailors in the sea around the flowerly meadow. As the Sirens sang their song Odyesseus nearly went CRAZY. Odyeseus twisted and turned, trying ot get free from his bonds. As odyesseus tried to break free two of his men tied his bonds tighter while the rest rowed faster and faster.
Finally the song ended. Odyesseus was safe. His Men were safe. Finaly the song ended. Odyesseus was safe. His men were safe. He survived the first obstacle in his long journey home.
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