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Session 2012-13 LCP Election Voting Education

No description

wendy so

on 18 February 2013

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Transcript of Session 2012-13 LCP Election Voting Education

Session 2012-13 LCP ELECTION
Voting Education thic What kind of leader the candidate is?
How does he manage the relationship with others? Commitment Mentality Goal Performance Would the candidate uphold integrity and ethical standards? What are the candidate's goals and direction for the LC? Is the candidate with high
commitment with the organization? What kind of person the candidate is in terms of manner, attitude and personality? What achievement has the candidate made in his current position and function? L C P M How is the leadership ability and
capability of the candidate? Leadership E G Do you know that our LC gonna have the LCP Election General Meeting on 23rd Feb?

Do you know who is the candidate?
Do you know him well? What do you think about him?

Do you know that every full member gonna have one vote for the election? Have you decided your vote?......

Let's start the thinking journey! What do we need to consider and evaluate before deciding our vote?... What would happen if I just randomly
make my vote?... How could I know that I have voted for the right person as the President of our LC?... Let's take a look on some factors! How is the candidate's passion towards AIESEC? What is the candidate's belief and vision towards AIESEC? Is the candidate a responsible leader who give enough support to his team? Have you read through the candidate's manifesto? What are the focuses of his plan? What are the candidate's strengths and weaknesses? How can I get the answers to all those questions? Come to the EGM on 23rd Feb and ask the candidate more questions before voting!! Is the candidate able to build trust and deliver promise?
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