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Every Avenue - Bad Habits Cover Analysis

No description

Lizzie Davies

on 20 December 2012

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Transcript of Every Avenue - Bad Habits Cover Analysis

The first thing you see about this album cover is the Band name, it's the biggest thing and is written in bang in the middle of the picture and is encircled by the ashtray. This is important because seeing the band name first might mean you recognise them, and maybe already like them, and want to pick it up. The next most noticeable feature is the black ashtray full of ash that encircles the band name and the album name. The tray is black (or at least dark) on white, which makes it stand out and contrasts it from the background. It's also used and dirty which can be linked to the title, 'bad habits' as bad habits can be described as dirty. Add this to the ash that's around the ashtray, and it reinforces the image of dirtiness, as it's on a white background. The use of a circle within the square is a way of highlighting the band and the title in a better way than a square ashtray would. The album title 'bad habits' is another noticeable thing, it's in the circle of the ashtray, which is where we're focusing. This ties in perfectly with the ashtray, as smoking is a bad habit. The simplicity of this cover makes it more effective and the things that you focus on ore the most important things. This is an analysis of Every Avenue's 3rd album cover for 'bad habits' Now let's see how it compares to their 2nd album 'Picture Perfect' Again, the first thing that we see is the band name, in red and a fancy font. This is for the same reason as before, so that you recognise the band and if you know them, you'll pick it up. The title of the album 'Picture Perfect' is written just underneath the band name and the words are split up by the lighting bolt on the 'N'. Notice the lightning bolt on the 'N' in the band name? This could probably represent the flash on the camera, or maybe just a motif that represents the band themselves. The title links to the camera in the middle, it's also a compliment you can pay to someone or something, it's a positive phrase, which contradicts the image in the camera lens. The image itself is important, the focus is on the cracked lens of the camera, and we can see the reflection of a girl in it. The fact it's an image that ties to the title makes it similar to their other album, as that does the same thing. The use of a cracked reflection may be indicative of bad luck, or maybe a bad relationship (as the singer is male and the image is female) and so indicates what some of the songs will be about. So maybe not so 'picture prefect'. The idea that it's a camera links to the title 'Picture Perfect'. The white background adds contrast to the image and the text, white is the brightest colour and so will stand out amongst other CD's.
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