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The Tools of Digital Citizenship

No description

Jennifer Fargo

on 18 March 2013

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Transcript of The Tools of Digital Citizenship

Responsible Use Digital Natives 0 + - = 9 8 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 c Collaboration and Organizing Information Social bookmarking
RSS feeds
Group wikis Evaluating Sources Strategies for:
Critical Literacy What is Digital Citizenship? Empowering Students What is Digital Citizenship? “The norms of appropriate, responsible technology use” Digital natives are... Digital natives are... tech savvy students (with much to learn) who use creativity to construct knowledge Rules for Technology Use Age-appropriate,
Comprehensive Searches Multiple search engines
Filtered content
Excellent keywords References The Tools of
Digital Citizenship Information Literacy 9 Elements of Digital Citizenship Digital Communication Digital Literacy Digital
Health & Wellness (Ribble, 2011) Digital Access Digital Commerce Netiquette Digital Law Rights & Responsibilities Security (Ribble, 2013). motivated & collaborative learners:
“Working together—through collaborative problem solving and sharing ideas—was an important element of engagement and learning” so individual ideas gain value and misconceptions can be corrected. (Downes & Bishop, 2012, p. 10) “born into a ubiquitous digital media environment” Digital natives are... (Bittman, Rutherford, Brown, & Unsworth, 2011, p. 161) The acquisition, evaluation, and use of digitally retrieved information. (Christensson, 2012) Digital Footprint Digital Reputation Cyber-Bullying Responsible Use You leave a part of yourself everywhere you visit online. Untitled by zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzg found on Flickr licensed by Creative Commons (Attribution, Non-Commercial, Share-Alike) http://www.flickr.com/photos/21782644@N04/3191535692/ (icttoolbox, 2012) "Cyberbullying involves the use of information and communication technologies to support deliberate, repeated, and hostile behaviour by an individual or group, that is intended to harm others." (Belsey, n.d.) Belsey, B. (n.d.). Cyberbullying.org: Always on? Always aware!. Retrieved from http://cyberbullying.org/

Bittman, M., Rutherford, L., Brown, J., & Unsworth, L. (2011). Digital natives? New and old media and children's outcomes. Australian Journal Of Education (ACER Press), 55(2), 161-175.

Christensson, K. (2012). REDCAB: Your vehicle for information evaluation. Retrieved from http://www.radcab.com/

Downes, J. M., & Bishop, P. (2012). Educators engage digital natives and learn from their experiences with technology. Middle School Journal, 43(5), 6-15.

icttoolbox. (2012, October 14). Digital citizenship safety UNICEF [Video log post]. Retrieved from http://www.youtube .com/watch?v=ULPuI38Tr-M

londonoayrfamily. (2012, November 13). Cyber-Bullying [Video log post]. Retrieved from http://www.you tube.com/watch?v=Jz-HwnyvUwY

Ribble, M. (2011). Digital Citizenship in Schools (2nd ed.). Eugene, OR: International Society for Technology in Education.

Ribble, M. (2013). Digital citizenship today. Retrieved from http://www.digitalcitizenship.net/ (londonoayrfamily, 2012) What you post online can be seen by:

College admissions
Future employers
Your parents

Would you want them to
see everything? "Think before you click" Public Domain from Openclipart.org Periodic Table-Final Version by Denise Chan found on Flickr under Creative Common license (Attribution, Share-alike). http://www.flickr.com/photos/42902413@N00/23178762/
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