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Central African Region

No description

Carrie Jacobs

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Central African Region

Central Africa
By; Carrie and Tyler Physical Geography Countries!
central african republic
equatorial guinea
sao tome and principe
congo (d. r. o.) zaire landforms!
atlantic ocean is to the west
equator goes through the middle of zaire, gabon, and congo
sahel goes through the south of chad
cetral africa is in the middle landforms!
mountains rise on the western edge of the region
plateus, like the african plateu
rivers and lakes (lake edward, lake kivu, and lake victoria)
islands (sao tome and pricipe) climate!
tropical rain forests/ steppe
people in the rain forest area have to get used to hot sticky weather.
people in the steppe have to also get used to the hot dry weather. traditional people!
Who are they?
mbuti people - main people in africa
others include, caucasians, and africans
they live in rain forests
short, normal height is 4ft.
rely on forests around them
what are they like?
hunt monkeys, antalope, and smaller game
depend on the forests for food, shelter, and clothing
build homes of leaves and branches
eat meals of roots, birds, fruit, and fish
hunters issues!
the mbuti people seem not to have any serious problems, since they rely on everything around them, and all they need is in their forests, which is also everywhere around them.
the mbuti people would more then likely be able to survive since they don't really know what the technology in our country is capable of today. they've never even heard of any of it, so they aren't setting their standards to that.
if the mbuti people start to depend on the money that they would get from their government, then they may not survive in the 21st century, since their GDP per capita income is only between 200$-6,000$. that could maybe get them through a few months, then they would have nothing left! popular culture! VISIT?! Tyler!
No, I would not like to visit this country. My main reason is that they are and underdeveloped country so I would have to get used to the whole new life. Another reason is that if I was in the Mbuti tribe, one of the native tribes, I would have to learn how to live in the forests and learn how to build a house.
no, i would not like to visit this underdeveloped country. my reasoning for this is because it is an underdeveloped country and i would have to learn new things to survive. i'm not that much of a hunter, so i wouldn't be able to get food like they do, and also i'm not much of a builder so i wouldn't want to build my own house. i dob't think i would be able to adjust to the habitat they live in. government! cameroon - rebublic government.
central african rebuplic - republic government.
chad - multiparty republic government.
congo - republic government.
equitorial guinea - multiparty republic government.
gabon - multiparty presidential republic government.
sao tome and principe - multiparty republic government.
congo, zaire. (d. r. o.) - dictatorship government. none of the government in central africa seems to be effective. every single one of the countries there have either a low GDP per capita income, a low life expectancy, or both. all of the countries there are underdeveloped, but people seem to be living fine. the government seems to not be effective on the adults and people. www.grolieronline.com
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