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No description

Zahraa Khan

on 20 July 2014

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Transcript of NOVEL STUDY

Tomorrow, When The War Began
Task 1 - A Remembering Task
Create a story map or flow chart or flow chart of the novels main events.
Task 4 - An Applying Task
Pick an important moment in the novel where there is a turning point. Describe the turning point.
Task 2 - An Understanding Task
Create a Character Profile for the novels main characters, two or three characters should be sufficient.
Homer Yannos was known as the rebel and childish prankster who doesn't really care about what he does. As the Novel progresses, Homer reveals a side that was never known to anyone - the other side of him that he kept to himself. He turns into a leader and someone you want to be around. He changes into that person who you can count and depend on. Homer lacks in self confidence, he doesn't know how to act around Fi, he thinks he is not good enough for her. Despite this weakness, Homer is like a brother to Ellie and best friend. He is loyal, instinctive strong and brave.

Troublemaker, crazy, wild, loudmouth, problem, annoying - Homer was all of those things. He displays himself as an insensitive, disrespectful and uncaring person. After returning home from camp and discovering that their families and friends were being held captive, Homer is forced to drop his 'act' and show the other side of him - the side that only he knew about. He changes into a leader, a planner and a thinker. He changes into that person you want to be around. Everyone is shocked by the sudden change in his behaviour but no one is more shocked then Ellie. Being Homer's neighbor and best friend from a young age,
Homer is like a brother to her, but since his drastic change, she feels as if she doesn't know him anymore.
This quote proves this:
''It was the same with Homer, the way for all these years he'd been hanging a big sign around his neck, and like a fool I'd kept reading it.''

Homer lacks in self-confidence, he keeps comparing himself to Fi, he thinks he is not good enough for her. Having not revealing his true personality had it's cost.Homer is terribly insecure and when it comes to Fi, he has absolutely no idea how treat her. This quote shows this:
''Yeah, but you know, she lives in that big house and she talks like Mrs Hamilton, and me and my family, I mean we're just Greek peasants to people like her.''

In summary, Homer is caring supportive and brave, but the wildness in his heart is still there. Though he is no longer a troublemaker, problem and annoying, he's still a bit crazy 'up there'. He is a great friend and reliable leader, someone you want to be around. The group and Ellie now know the better side to Homer. The side that was always meant to be.
In this Presentation, all tasks are
are complete also including a 300 word
Tomorrow, When The War
Began - John Marsden
The Challenge:
Create a Novel Study including a 300 word essay.
Homer is one of the most important characters
in this book. At the start of the book, he is known as the rebel, or a childish prankster that doesn't really care about what he does.
Throughout the book he turns into a leader and a friend. He changes into someone you want to be around, that once childish immature person has turned into a caring leader. This Quote shows this:
Name: Homer Yannos
Age: 16yrs old
Origin: Greece
''Homer was getting more surprising with every passing hour.
It was getting hard to remember that this fast-thinking guy, who'd just spent fifteen minutes getting us laughing and talking and feeling good again, wasn't even trusted to hand out books at school.''
- pg. 101
Ellie Linton
Name: Ellie Linton
Age: 16yrs old
Origin: Australia
Ellie is also another one of the most important characters in this book. Ellie is what they call the 'voice' of the story, due to the fact that the entire story is told from her eyes and point of view. Ellie is a survivor and natural leader. Ellie is a great thinker but she constantly questions herself if she is doing the right or wrong thing. Ellie doesn't want anyone in the group to
know her true feelings - she feels weak,
she likes to let everyone think that
she is the strongest in the
That was the first moment at which I started to realise what what true courage was. Up until then, everything had been unreal, like a night-stalking game at school camp. To come out of the darkness now would be to show courage of a type I'd never had to show before, never even known about.
- pg. 79
The other characters in the book include:
Fiona Maxwell ( also known as Fi )
Corrie Mackenzie
Kevin Holmes
Robyn Mathers
Lee Takkam
Chris Lang
Other Characters
Task 3 - An Understanding Task
Create a mindmap of the main ideas in the novel. You should be able to define at least 2 main ideas.
Heron Bridge
Corrie gets shot
Hermits House
Lee Injured
Ellie's Explosive
When Ellie, Corrie and Kevin go to town to check out the showground where the inhabitants of the area are being imprisoned. Along the way they run into some serious trouble. They are spotted by soldiers who then attempt to shoot them and take them as prisoners. This leads to an 'explosive situation' where the three only manage to just escape with their lives.
Rescuing an Injured Lee
When Ellie, Corrie and Kevin join the rest of the group, they realize to their horror that Robyn and Lee have not yet returned. Deciding that they can't wait any longer, Ellie and Homer decide to leave for Wirrawee to find out what happened to Robyn and Lee. When they arrive at Robyn's house they, Ellie surprises Robyn who then faints. Later, they learn that Lee got shot and was injured, hiding in his parents restaurant, they devise a plan to
rescue him.
After enjoying their week in Hell, it's time to go home. Little did they know they were in for a shock. The group arrive back at Ellie's house, where they find most of the animals dead with the house abandoned. The group tries to come up with explanations to explain the scary situation, but get more worried with each failed attempt. Eventually, they decide to go over to Homer's, where they discover his house in the same state. The grouped talked about what might have happened when they were away and agree whatever had happened was on Commemoration Day.
The Shock
If I was in the same situation, I would try to find out what was happening, discover what was the cause. I would have decided to go back to Hell and think of what to do next from there.
Task 5 - An Analysing Task
Create a Venn diagram to show similarities and differences between two of the central characters. What can the reader learn from each of the two characters?
Homer Is Immature and childish.
Ellie is mature and sensible.
They are both great leaders
They both love their friends
She's a reluctant hero.
They both despise their weaknesses
Homer lacks in confidence - he keeps comparing himself to Fi.
Homer is an entertainer and a joker, but he can be serious as well.
Ellie takes puts a lot of weight on her shoulders and takes responsibility for everybody around her.
Homer is forceful and domineering and has trouble dealing with strong personalities.
Homer is always arguing with Robyn and Ellie, but most often with Kevin.
Ellie is a hard-working, when she does something, she gives it her all.
Ellie doesn't show her true feelings - she likes to let everyone think she is the strongest in the group.
Ellie constantly questions herself whether she is doing the right or the wrong thing.
Homer can't sit still and do nothing, he easily suffer the lack of action.
They are both courageous and brave.
They are both loyal and have great instincts.
What can the reader learn from each of the two Characters?
Ellie and Homer have been best friends and neighbour's since a very young age. They have always been very close, sharing a brother/sister relationship. They both have unique personalities, but their differences is what brings them closer to each other. They always have each others backs, they the leaders of the group. We learn the meanings of friendship and trust, Ellie and Homer display both these traits
throughout the story.
Homer's Change
Task 11 - A Creating Task
Write a Literary Essay, use at least 300 words for your answer, answer the topic fully and include specific evidence from the text.
John Marsden
Create A P.M.I of the Novel.
Task 9 - An Evaluating Task
The characters have amazing personalities.
Certain quotes in the book are inspiring.
The setting is new to me, compared to other books I've read.
The suspense was too much - I had to read on.
Some parts of the book got really boring - it took all of my 'will power' just to stay awake.
If I was the editor, I would have changed the cover of the book. I know you shouldn't 'judge a book by it's cover' but I would have made it look more appealing.
The way the story and the plot took a new turn of events, the suspense was amazing.
The way the characters interacted with each other was something to learn from.
This book taught me about friendship - how friends stick together through difficult times.
Overall, I enjoyed reading Tomorrow, When The War Began, with it's intresting characters, plot and suspense, it was great read. During this Novel Study, I learned how to use Prezi better and I also learned how to write a literary essay.
Thanks For Watching!
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