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Food Orbit

No description

diana gädtke

on 7 April 2015

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Transcript of Food Orbit

Food Orbit
The problem is...
The solution is...
An online platform designed to connect local farmers and growers with wholesale buyers such as chefs and restauranteurs
The target market is...
Food Orbit makes money by...
The Team is...
To summarize...
Hi we are...
Diana Gaedtke
Food Orbit is better because...
Food Orbit acquires customers by...
This is a big opportunity because...
The key competition is...
Food Orbit is currently seeking...
Funds Required:
What Food Orbit will do next is...
Consumers are getting more inquisitive about where their food comes from and how it was grown or raised
Investment Proposition:
Share of Equity:

Valuation in 2014:
$2,000,000 (including goodwill)
Fresh produce
Organic produce
Limits food mileage

Transparent and sustainable food system
Fresh food directly from Australian farmers
Lifeline for small farmers and producers

Investment Proposition:

Funds required - $400,000
Share of equity - 20%
Company valuation in 2014 - $2,000,000
Javier Leira
Nitya Kannan

Dilya Abdreimova
Bhanvi Kapoor
Support local farmers
Thank you!
115,000 businesses reported agriculture as their main activity in 2012-13
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