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Wine Tourism: Melbourne

No description

Lauren Woolley

on 7 June 2013

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Transcript of Wine Tourism: Melbourne

by Danielle Kichler, Kristina Eads,
and Lauren Woolley Melbourne The Region located in the state of Victoria
Melbourne is the capital and the 2nd most populous city in Australia "Clyde Park's uncomprising approach to winemaking & viticulture has put it to the forefront of the Geelong region growth as a premium wine region of Australia."
-www.winegeelong.com Moorabool Valley
13 hectares (33 acres)
low yields - more exclusive
balance of acid and fruits Yarra Valley Several different wine regions: Yarra Valley, Macedon Ranges, Mornington Peninsula, Geelong, Heathcote, Pyrenees World-famous wine region until war conditions intervened, kicked off the wine industry in Victoria
One hour drive from Melbourne
Famous for its chardonnay, sauvignon blanc, pinot noir, shiraz, and cabernet, carbernet sauvignon
Hot air balloon rides Geelong and Bellarine Peninsula
internationally famous lighthouse - weddings
Mediterranean climate
produces cool climate whites, pinot, shiraz, and cool climate blends
clay volcanic soil
bordering a historic western town filled with farmland and cattle Pyrenees 0riginally the name of the mountain range that divides the land between France and Spain
famous for producing full-bodied wines, still, and sparkling wines
"Country roads wind through corridors of grand old gum trees, with views of vineyards, the buttercup yellow of canola crops and flocks of sheep - all set against the blue backdrop." -vistitmelbourne.com Melbourne Routes Start on the south-eastern coast and work your way west
Bass straight - Australia (Victoria) + Tasmania ****Mal-ben [ji-lawng] [pir-uh-neez] [Mel-bern] late 1800’s, as a result of an outbreak of phylloxera (a pest that attacks the vine roots) all vines from the Geelong region had to be destroyed and recreated 450 venues and wine businesses 20 day festival with over 250 events "A true expression of Melbourne's infamous love of food and wine that captures the attention of food-lovers in their hundreds of thousands" - www.visitmelbourne.com Duncan, the founder, was born into a family of entrepreneurs
-began with building his own cellar
- the only certified organic grape organic vodka in Australia
-specializing in dry reds 1837 - 7 partners referred to as Clyde Company, originally from Scotland, developed the winery and named the land Clyde Park Awards sustainability
minimal energy use
low amounts of preservatives and additives
certified organic History of how it all began Melbourne began as a tent city of only 50 settlers but quickly grew to a population of 700,000 by 1869
Kulin nation, practicing urban customs through indigenous regional tribes
Rich and thriving culture
Growing in diversity Gold Rush Boom Historically Significant Areas Museums
National Trust Homes
Parks and gardens
Lavish French Renaissance inspired Como House
Colonial mansion set in 5 acres of garden at Toorak and Rippon Lea Estate Wine History Diversity of regional events year round
The French connections run deep in the region's wine history, with the Blue Pyrenees Estate and Taltarni wineries reflecting their French origins
Yering, Hubert de Castella
Cool Southern Coastal Regions
Reputation for Sweet Wines Danielle Marketing Strategy:
· Making wine industry approachable to all

“Removing pretentiousness, elitism, and wine snobbery can bring
success” (Kent, ).

“Not always necessary to aim marketing at wine connoisseurs”

· Connecting wine with social experiences
Give people a reason to experience wine
· Add online marketing to social events to reach young wine drinkers

Example: “V-Know” was created to give young wine drinkers a place to come together and experience Markets Case Study: "Longest lunches" - hosted by local food and wine, produced by local chefs and winemakers "Issues" in Melbourne References "Boonwurrung people" ** Mornington, Peninsula 1850 rapid population growth
became true international city
those booming years brought Victoria to an outstanding legacy of fine architecture
“the jewel of the southern hemisphere”
this brought visitors to the region Each year, more than 300,000 people visit the festival "Australian wine producers exporting to China are at risk of losing their premium reputation as growing volumes threaten prices." - Rebecca Nash, writer for ABC News

'"What's on our agenda is to help put the colour back into relaunching the Australian wine industry overseas because of the brutal perfect storm we have been going through recently and the image of Australian wine abroad is not as premium as it should be.'' -Mr. Taylor, chairman of Australia's First Families of Wine Enhancing the long-term benefits through the hospitality, food, and wine industries Increased demand in local produce Programming of non-ticketed events Increased accessibility of the festival Programming of ticketed events Brings new income into the host economy Contributes to social capital **C. Michael Hall and Liz Sharples " Adding social media to target younger wine drinkers and to get them interested and talking about wine" - Kent, R - Blogging
- Events - V-Know: gives young wine drinkers a place to come together and experience different wines, different wine events each month and taste up to 12 different wines each event

- YarraLoch Cup: participants come together, network, and experience wines in a social setting, trade event for up to 70 guests Australian Wine Consumer Demographics:
· 18-24 years : Wine is only 6% of their alcohol beverage volume
· 50+ years: wine is 25% of alcohol beverage volume
· Australians over 50 are the greatest wine consumers. Drink more wine than any other age bracket.

Challenge for Australian Wine Industry:
· Because of the variety of choices due to the explosion of the beer market and the “Ready to Drink” beverages available, generations x and y will not necessarily follow baby boomers wine consumption patterns.
· Young people resort to stronger brands Backpacker Resources - Wander less into the great unknown.... Melbourne Wine Country : Resources from the Backpacker Resources. Retrieved June 6, 2013, from http://www.backpackerresources.com/resources/melbourne-wine-country.shtml Melbourne, Victoria, Australia - visitvictoria.com The official travel and accommodation site for Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Retrieved June 5, 2013, from http://www.visitvictoria.com/Regions/Melbourne.aspx Mornington Peninsula accommodation, sightseeing, dining, entertainment, events, walks and map of Mornington Peninsula.. Collins Settlement and encounters with Aborigines, Mornington Peninsula History, Historical Information, Facts, Sightseeing, Travel, Victoria, Australia. Retrieved June 6, 2013, from http://www.discovermorningtonpeninsula.com.au/fascinatingfacts/collins-settlement-aborigines.php Walking Melbourne - Heritage, Architecture, Skyscraper and Buildings Database [Victoria, Australia]. QV : Buildings and Architecture - Melbourne, Victorian & Australian Architecture Topics. Retrieved June 6, 2013, from http://www.walkingmelbourne.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=1691 Wonder, Ponder, Wander Yonder. Wonder, Ponder, Wander Yonder: November 2010. Retrieved June 3, 2013, from http://wonder-ponder-wander-yonder.blogspot.com/2010_11_01_archive.html **wonder, ponder **walking Melbourne Kent, R. (2007). Mingling young Melbournians demystify wine. Australia & New Zealand wine industry journal, 22, p.96.
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