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LCD02: Complete denture Final Impression

Complete denture clinic - visit no.2

Dr Layla A. Abu-Naba'a

on 11 October 2015

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Transcript of LCD02: Complete denture Final Impression

Preparation steps
Border molding
Taking impression
Post palatal seal
Laboratory steps
Check the quality of the tray
-fit on cast
-adequacy of spacer
-handle design
-extension on cast covering all anatomical features
patient should have removed denture for 24-48 hours
Armamentarium for the zinc oxide-eugenol impression includes:•Straight angle carbide acrylic trimming burs•No. 6 round bur•Alcohol torch•Stick compound•Petroleum jelly•Cold water•Lab knife•Zinc oxide-eugenol impression paste•Mixing pad•Two spatulas
•List the purposes of the final impression. •Describe the steps necessary for making secondary impressions of the maxillary and mandibular edentulous ridges.•Describe the purposes and practice of border molding. •Enumerate the criteria for evaluating the extensions of the custom trays. •Describe the features of the border-molded tray that indicate readiness for making the final impression.
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