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Types of Mass Media

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Andy Flanagan

on 4 March 2014

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Transcript of Types of Mass Media

photo (cc) Malte Sörensen @ flickr
Types of Mass Media
To converge means 'to come together'. One important change to media is that technology has brought different forms of media into one.

Examples would be...
However, this has changed significantly over the years. Now, audience participation is common place. The most famous being reality TV shows like Big Brother.

Watch the following video of examples of audience participation...
Traditionally, the media was simply presented to its audience. It was seen as the 'authority' and above normal people.

Audience participation in the media was limited. However, a lady called
Mary Whitehouse
became famous in the 1960s for challenging the media over its 'morality and decency'
There have been important changes to the media over time. According to Blundell (2001) they are:

Convergence of technology

Another change in media is intertextuality.
This refers to media that is about other media.

The following pictures are examples of intertextuality. Why?

You have two minutes.
Why is intertextuality important?

Intertextuality makes media self-perpetuating.

This means it heightens the importance of and interest in the media. The media has never been
so important in our lives than now.
In the past it was thought that new media
would take over from old media. This has not happened.
Intertextuality has resulted in the SATURATION
of the Media. In other words we are spoiled for
choice - there is too much.

'The opening up of the world economically through production and consumption.'

The world is now interconnected globally, and changes in the mass media reflect this.

This is a restriction on freedom of speech.

This can be both good and bad. Can you give an example for both?

Self-censorship is a new development. People can edit the media now e.g. twitter, facebook etc.
Improve your answer with sociological theory...

are against advances in the Mass Media.
They see it as a way of exploiting the poor for the gains of the rich. The Media is owned by a few select, rich people who use it to express their opinions. it supports capitalism.

see an increase in the Mass Media as a positive thing. It means more choice for people and it shows that the public are in charge - the people get what they want!
Media Barons - Who is this?
- complete the key concepts box of your essay plan with the following. These are words that are key to writing a good essay and should be included. There are even more on the mark scheme for you to include if you can.

Key Concepts

Mass Media, Communication, Convergence, Censorship and Self-Censorship, Interactivity,
Intertextuality, Saturation, Globalisation, Ownership, Media Barons, Blundell, Marxists, Pluralists...
What would you include in the following essay question:

'New developments in the mass media have improved people's lives'. Evaluate the arguments for and against this claim. (24 marks)
- complete your essay plan using your own knowledge, notes and the mark scheme. Place a minimum of 4-5 points under each argument. A good answer in Sociology is a balanced one.

Write a brief conclusion stating that changes in the mass media are both a good and bad thing.
Any questions?
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