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jayden coleman

on 13 November 2015

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There is currently a drought in California. It's been going on since 2002, but it got worse in 2011. On the right you can see an image of California's drought. The bright red spots on the map show an extreme drought area in California.
A drought is when you don't receive enough rain or snow. If you don't receive enough water, farms won't be able to grow crops and you won't have enough food. Droughts can cause dust bowls, dust storms,wild fires, war and famine.
To prevent destruction from droughts people are now taking shorter showers and farmers are using less water on their crops. What should be done in California is conserve water and build water or rain storage systems. California can also make laws to close water bottle companies or just make a law to make less bottled water. Another thing California can do is get water transfered to us in a pipe from another country or a state.
Earthquakes are one of the worst natural disasters on the planet. Earthquakes can happen anywhere on earth. An earthquake happens when two under ground tectonic plates rub against or slam into each other causing the ground to shake violently. Tectonic plates are what make up the surface of earth.

This is
a map of California's earthquake prone areas.
Volcanoes are one of the worst natural disasters on the planet. Volcanoes are mountains that have magma chambers that spew lava.There is not just one type of volcano, there are 3 types. They are: shield, cinder, and composite. The difference is the way the lava flows. For example, shield volcanoes have many layers of lava and composite volcanoes have cracks that lead to the sides unlike shield volcanes.
Landslide maps of California
Landslides occur when plate tectonics move and collide with each other. Then the soil above it moves with it causing the soil to slide down the slope to the surface. Landslides are also caused by earthquakes on slopes,volcanic activity, and to much water in soil.
La Chonchita landslide
La Chonchita landslide occurred in Southern California, on January 10, 2005. It only killed about 10 people and injured 23 people. It destroyed 13 houses. From December 27, 2004 to January 10, 2005 it rained so much that the rain got about 15 inches high from the ground. The landslide was caused by all that rain.
All the blue is debris and soil.
When another earthquake happens in California, humans will be more prepared because engineers are building stronger structures by using cross bracing. Scientists and engineers are working together to create technologies that prevent total destruction like piping that is more flexable during violent shaking.One way we
can be ready for earthquakes is to create an
early warning system. Early warning system

When another earthquake happens we must:
There is simply no way to stop earthquakes from occurring. Scientists are working on a way to predict earthquakes, but we cannot stop them from happening.
The map shows where volcanoes are located in California. There are more in the northern parts of the state.

Mount Shasta is the 5th highest mountain in the world and is a volcano in California. Mount Shasta is a composite volcano so it will get side vents when it erupts which means there will be more lava then normal.
It last erupted in 1786 so it could erupt in the near future.
The 1906 San Francisco earthquake was a huge earthquake that killed about 30,000 people. The earthquake caused a massive fire that burned about 500 city blocks.
This event was in newspapers all over the world. San Franciscans had no idea that the earthquake
was coming so they were not at all prepared. After the devastating earthquake, humans spent time trying to prepare for earthquakes.
What can be done to prevent destruction of landslides:
What should be done in California to prevent destruction of landslides:
The possibilities of a landslide to occur in California is in between medium and high. A landslide is most likely to occur in the Coastal areas of California.
We can stabilize earth by pushing big nails into the ground. We can also build very high walls in landslide zones to prevent destruction.
We can plant trees in landslide zones and not build houses on slopes. We can also build very high walls in landslide zones to hold the earth in place. Another action that we can do is closely monitor landslide zones in California so we can predict if one will happen.
In the map, the dark blue region is where floods happen the most. This area is called the Central Valley.
In California, one of the biggest floods happened on January 9th, 1862 in Central California. In the Central Valley, the floods destroyed buildings and flooded the streets.
To prevent a flood we should build stronger and higher walls that could block floods from hurting us.

You can build structures far away from volcanoes to avoid people getting hurt or killed. It is the same for animals and wildlife. We can also have early warning system so people don't get hurt. Some ways to prevent disaster in California is to have a plan and have more then one way out of homes or a safe place to go.
We need to build outside flood zones. All people that live in flood zones should be required to have sand bags to protect their structures.
This is cross bracing
To prevent destruction of tsunamis we can use cross bracing to create strong buildings and use tempered glass to prevent harm from broken glass. We can also create higher sea walls to prevent water from hitting coastal towns.
About 80% of tsunamis happen in the Pacific Ocean ring.
Tsunamis are most likely not to start in California because The San Andreas Fault has tectonic plates that run along each other and not into each other.
Central Valley Flood
How to prevent the destruction of tsunamis...
We can prevent harm from tsunamis by putting systems on the sea floor that can detect earthquakes.Then the warning systems can send messages and emails to personal devices so that people can get away.
we can put heavy glass on all windows like bathroom windows so if your in the bathrooM you won´t get hurt
Floods are when water overflows onto land. A flood happens by hard rain, melting snow, dams getting holes, and when the ocean overflows.

1. Earthquakes: Sophie Hansen
-Pictures -Music
- Help with other slides

2.Tsunamis: Jayden Coleman
-Pictures -Music
-Help with other slides

3. Volcanoes: Ramon Saldana
-Extra research
-Help with other slides

4. Landslides: Lucy Savin
-Pictures -Music
-Help with other slides

5. Droughts:Angel Garcia
-Pictures -Music
-Help with other slides

6. Floods: Elijah Torres
-Help with other slides
We are here.
A tsunami is a huge and dangerous wave. It can travel 500 miles per hour and it grows 100 feet tall. Tsunamis are caused by underwater earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and submarine landslides.
How to prevent destruction of volcanoes
How can California prevent destruction from
A massive earthquake

A huge Earthquake occured in Alaska on March 28, 1964. This caused a big tsunami that hit coastal areas of California. It traveled about 500 miles per hour and traveled nearly 800 kilometers.
The Alaska Tsunami
The map shows the areas where tsunamis will happen
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