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Teresa Rose

on 26 March 2015

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Transcript of CPES_History_Final_20140406

A History of CPES
A Few CPES Stars
PERG (1977-1982): The Beginning
PERG Began
In 1977, Fred Lee was hired to start a power electronics program and fix the broken-down car
Original modular multi-cell converter concept proposed for Very Low Frequency (VLF) transmitter power amplifier
Ramesh Oruganti (Joined in1982)
Victor Stefanovićc

Victor Stefanović awarded GE Fellowship to Dushan
PERG historical timeline
Early PERG Research
Dushan Boroyevich Joined
State-plane Analysis
Permanent magnet machine motor drive for electric vehicle with first-generation giant bi-polar transistor
Emitter-open (cascode) configuration
Dan Chen (Joined in 1979)
VLF Transmitter Power Amplifier (1980)
1st Non-destructive Second Breakdown Tester (1981)
Medium voltage drive started here...
First and only 100A non-destructive second breakdown tester for BJT
Fred Lee with non-destructive second breakdown tester
Modeling and analysis of Spacecraft Power Systems
Bo H. Cho (Joined in 1982)
Korean National Academy of Engineering
Dushan Boroyevich ( Joined in 1982)

Now retired from National Singapore University

First use of state plane analysis for resonant converter
VLF transmitters for submarine communications
VPEC (1983-1987): A University Center
VPEC & Industry Partnership Established (1983)
1st VPEC Annual Seminar Proceedings
Pawel Gradzki
VPEC historical timeline
Modeling and Control
Hybrid Packaging Technologies
First Major Commercial Application (1984-1991)
Soft-switching Technology in the 80s (25 US patents)
C-E Elgin
VPEC founding members
Soft switching
ZCS Quasi-Resonant Converter
ZVS Quasi-Resonant Converter
ZVS Multi-Resonant Converter
Milan Jovanović
Gary Hua
Kwang-Hwa Liu

Wojciech Tabisz
Zero-Current Switching (1983)
Resonant Switch
Resonant Switches – A Unified Approach to Improved Performances of Switching Converters,” K. H. Liu and F.C. Lee (International Telecommunications Energy Conference 1984” ; U.S. Patent number: 4,720,667
Zero-Voltage Switching (1983)
Resonant Switch
“Zero-Voltage Switching Techniques in DC/DC Converter Circuits,” K.H. Liu and F.C. Lee, (IEEE Power Electronic Specialists Conference 1986); US Patent 4,720,668
Multi-Resonant Converter Technologies (1985-1989)
Forward ZVS-MRC
Full-Bridge ZVS-MRC for phase array radar
High-Density Board-mounted power supply 50W/inch3
Basic Zero-Current-Transition-PWM Topologies (1989)
Basic Zero-Voltage-Transition-PWM Topologies (1989)
3-Terminal Switch Model
3-Terminal switch in circuit topology
3-Terminal Switch Model
1st VPEC Modeling and Control Short Course (1988)
Flyback converter designed by short course participant
Developed the first industry Short course with lab session
check modeling & control design of DC/DC converters

First VPEC Modeling and Control Short Course
1st Accurate Small Signal Model for PWM Converter beyond switching frequency(1988)
Richard Tymerski
Resonant Converter Modeling
First Accurate Small Signal Model for PWM beyond switching frequency
Resonant Converter Modeling
Small signal model
Vatché Vorpérian (Joined in 1984)
Richard Tymerski
Ray Ridley testing circuit in lab
Jim Groves
High-density modular power supplies for IBM mainframe computers
A VPEC-developed High-frequency Power Supply
Benefits: modularity, N + 1 redundancy for reliability, hot swap
Distributed Power System
Bill Stephenson
(Joined in 1986)
Introduced VPEC into hybrid electronics research
Thick-film magnetics with printed core
High density dc-dc converter module
Thick-film hybrid transformer
1st Major Commercial Application (1984-1991)
Modeling and Control
Hybrid Packaging Technologies
Funding Step
Mission: Foster industry growth by establishing a university-based core competence center in the Commonwealth of Virginia
CIT/TDC historical timeline
Space Station Research
Beginning Power Electronics Packaging
High Power Research
Power Electronics Building Block (PEBB)
VRM Consortium Formed
CIT/TDC (1987-1997): A State Center
Over the 10-year funding cycle, CIT provided a total of $3 million to VPEC
Earth Observatory Satellite (EOS) Testbed (1991-1994)
NASA Space Power Testbed (1994)
Dan Sable
Space Station Research (1991-1994)
A bi-directional converter was developed for NASA space power testbed

Dan Sable, Ashok Patil, Tom Sizemore, Scott Deuty, James P. Noon, B. H. Cho, Fred C. Lee, Scott Deuty, Zvi Gur, Steve Butler, X. Mang, Dave Crow, Troy Schelling, Paul Duncan, Pablo Espinosa, Goran Stojcic
Solar Array Simulator
Dan Sable testing a space power station for EOS testbed
Earth Observatory Satellite (EOS) Testbed
NASA Space Power Testbed (1991)
PEBB Concept
PEBB Module
PEBB Transfer
PEBB Control
Modular “Plug & Play” Control Architecture
Jerry Francis
Power Electronics Building Block (PEBB) (1995-2005)
PEBB Based DC Distributed System (1995-2005)
PEBB Technology Transfer
Aircraft Electric Service Station
Ivan Jadric
Ivana Milosavljevic
Aircraft Electric Service Station
Modular Converter Systems
Modular Converter Systems
Sam Ye
Power Conditioning System for SMES
Power Conditioning System for SMES (1995-1998)
Nikola Celanovic
Dengming Peng
Example: Parallel Converters
Kun Xing
Small modification in modulation
Simple additional (zero-sequence) current controller in N-1 converters
Dong-Ho Lee
Matt Superczynski
Matrix Converter (1991-1992)
Five Phase Inverter
A High-Power Hybrid Power Supply System (1995-1997)
Matrix Converter (1991-1992)
Vlatko Vlatkovic
Xinfu Zhuang
2 kW three-phase matrix converter
Kunrong Wang
A novel five-phase multi-pole permanent magnet brushless DC motor and drives
Five Phase Inverter (1994)
Ivan Jadric
A High-Power Hybrid Power Supply System (1995-1997)
Richard Zhang
Ivan Jadric
High Power Hybrid Standalone Power Supply System developed for Kohler
Power Stage
Test Setup
Vehicular Application
Power Electronics Packaging Laboratory (1997)
Hybrid Electric Vehicle Propulsion (1995-1997)
Fuel Cell Vehicle (1996)
General Motors
Hybrid Electric Vehicle Propulsion (1995-1997)
PNGV Electric Vehicle Testbed
Electric Vehicle Dynamometer (1997)
Fuel Cell vehicle(1996)
Jason Lai
Kunrong Wang
Lizhi Zhu
Every Ballard vehicle uses CPES-designed DC/DC converter for fuel cell
Electric Vehicle Dynamometer (1997)

Jae-Young Choi
Dimos Katsis
Wei Dong

Mark Herwald
VRM Consortium was formed (1997)
Early PERG Research
Modeling and analysis of Spacecraft Power Systems
Emitter-open (cascode) configuration
Eric Yang
Research Vision
Vision: Develop an Integrated Power Electronics System Approach via Integrated Power Electronics Modular (IPEM) Building Blocks Toward System Integration to Improve Quality, Reliability and Reduce Cost
Research Organization
IPEM-based Power Conversion System
IPEM-based Power Conversion System Testbed
IPEM Based Power Conversion System
NSF ERC (1998-2008): An NSF National Center
Three Mini-consortia
Power Management Consortium (PMC)
Renewable Energy and Nanogrids (REN)
High Density Integration (HDI)
CPES Achievement Highlights
High Density Motor Controller
High-Temperature, High-Power-Density Power Converter for Embedded Generators
High-Temperature Three-Phase Rectifier
Post-ERC (2009-Present)
An Expanded Industry Consortium

Signal Processing - IC
Power Processing - IPEM
Signal Processing - IC
Power Processing - IPEM
Moore’s Law Prevails

• Standardization
• Manufacturability
• Volume production
• Cost reduction
IPEM Expected

• Building blocks
• Reduced labor
• Low cost
Integrated Electronic Ballast for HID Lamp
High performance
Integration of Power Supply with Microprocessor
Active IPEM
Active IPEM
Integration of Active Components
Integrated Motor Drive Technologies
Integratable Materials
High Density Integration
High-Temperature Packaging
Active IPEM
High-Temperature Packaging
Control & Sensor Integration
Advanced Power Semiconductors
Research Organization
IPEM-based Power Conversion Systems
Microprocessor and Converter Integration
Motor and Converter Integration
Integratable Materials
Thermal-Mechanical Integration
Control & Sensor Integration
Advanced Power Semiconductors
Guo-Quan Lu
High Density Integration
Passive IPEM
Khai Ngo
Guo-Quan Lu
J. Daan Van Wyk
Thermal-Mechanical Integration
Micro-Channel Cooling
Up to 40% reduction in temperature rise over air-cooled heat sink
Elaine P. Scott
Concept of Double-sided Cooling for IPEM
Magneto-resistive (MR) Current/ Temperature Sensors
Inexpensive, compact, high performance integrated current sensing
Bob Lorenz
T. Paul Chow
Fred C. Lee
Daan Van Wyk
Passive IPEM
Passive IPEM
Filter IPEM
Filter IPEM
Phaseleg with gate driver
Double-sided Cooling
IGBT Motor Drives
Daan Vann Wyk
Zhenxian Liang
Guo-Quan Lu
Thomas Jahns
Promoting IPEMs For Different Power Ranges and Applications
Commercialization of IPEMs
Thomas A. Lipo
Thomas M. Jahns
Bob Lorenz
IPEM-based Power Conversion System Testbed
Integrated Electronic Ballast for HID Lamp
J. Daan Van Wyk
Fred C. Lee
Dushan Boroyevich
More Automation Less Labor
CPES Research Area
Voltage Regulator Module (VRM)
Point of Load (POL)
Bus Converter (DCX)
Integration of Controllers
380V/12V DC/DC Converter
Distributed Power Architecture
Hybrid Electric Vehicle Propulsion (1995-1997)
EMI cancellation techniques based on Network Theory
EMI Reduction Techniques
3D Bode Plot of Control-to-output voltage
Large signal model of SRC
Shuo Wang
3D Integrated POL history (2007 - 2013)
Design Concept
48V/12V DC/DC Converter
DCR Current Sensing
Integrated Power Module - DrMos (2002)
More Integrated Multi-Phase VR
Device Packaging without Wire-Bond
Two-stage VR Server
Coupled Inductor
Three Terminal Current Cell Model
Integration of VRM Controllers (1999)
Every uP is Powered by a Multi-Phase VR
Two-stage VR Server: Intermediate Bus Architecture in 2001
Impact: Telecommunication Industries
DC/DC Converter Bricks
High Voltage DC System
Three-Phase AC System impedance Analyzer
Grid-Interface 3-Level NPC Converter
Three-Phase AC System impedance Analyzer
Milan Jovanovic
Alumni Impacting Industry in Leadership Roles
Alumni Entrepreneurship
Academic Stars
- a few examples -
1994 - 2004 - Professor, CPES-Virginia Tech
2004 – Alcoa Professor, North Carolina State University
2008-2014 – Director, FREEDM Systems Center, (NSF ERC)

Alex Huang
1985 Ph.D. ,Virginia Tech
1985 – 1995 Assistant, Associate Professor, Virginia Tech
1995 - Professor, Seoul National University Korea
Member, Korean Academy of Engineering

Bo Cho
2001 - Research Associate Professor, CPES-Virginia Tech
2004 – 2009 Associate Professor, CPES-Virginia Tech
2009 – Professor, The University of Tennessee
Member, the NSF Engineering Research Center - CURENT

Fred Wang
Que Chen (Ph.D., 1994)
General Manager of Delta Wind Power
Formerly Chief Technical Officer of Embedded Computing and Power, Emerson Network Power

Vlatko Vlatkovic (Ph.D., 1994)

Chief Engineering Officer
GE Power Conversion

Vlatko Vlatkovic
Richard Zhang
Que Chen
Richard Zhang (Ph.D., 1998)

Executive, Technology
GE Power Conversion

Milan Jovanovic (Ph.D., 1988)
VP for R&D, Delta Products Corporation
Chief Technology Officer, Power Supply Business Group

Delta Electronics was number one in worldwide OEM power supply sales for 2006
Dan Sable
Wei Chen (Ph.D. 1998)
1995-1998 VPT
1998 – 2003 Applications Engineer/Applications Manager, Linear Technology
2004-2007 - Vice President of System & Applications, Monolithic Power Systems (MPS)
2008 - Present – Founder & CEO of Silergy
2013 – IPO at Taiwan Stock Exchange
Awardee of the Chinese Recruitment Program of Global Experts
Ashraf Lotfi
Gary Hua (Ph.D. 1994)
1993 – Co-founder of VPT
1999 – 2007 Founder & CEO of E-Power
2007 - Founder & CEO of Inventronics
Awardee of the Chinese Recruitment Program of Global Experts

Ray Ridley (Ph.D., 1990)
1987 - 1991 Associate Director of VPEC
1991- Founder, President & CEO of Ridley Engineering

Dan Sable (Ph.D., 1991)
1991 VPEC Research Scientist
1993- Founded VPT, Inc. and served as Founder, President, CEO.

Glenn Skutt (Ph.D. 1996)
1996 - 2008 Vice President, VPT, Inc.
2008 Founded PowerHub, LLC

Ming Xu
2001 Associate Professor, CPES-Virginia Tech
2009 Founder & CEO of FSP Powerland
2013 Awardee of the Chinese Recruitment Program of Global Experts

Gary Hua
Ray Ridley
Ming Xu
Wei Chen
Glenn Skutt
Ashraf Lotfi (Ph.D. 1993)
1993 – 1996 AT&T
1996 – 2001 Power Management Director, Lucent Power Systems
2001 - Founded Enpirion, President, Founder & Chief Technical Officer.

Acquired by Heico Corporation in 2009
2013 – Acquired by Altera
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