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Phonics Training July 2013

No description

Sarah Knipe

on 6 September 2016

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Transcript of Phonics Training July 2013

Sound Order
Use phonic language
Careful with pronunciation
Phonics Training September 2015
*Rose report recommended that we teach phonics in small discrete sessions.
*We set the children according to ability across the whole phase.
*Phonics must be multi-sensory and active, catering for all VAKE learners.

Phonics Planning
*phase overview
*review, teach, practice, apply
Over to you...
Share a time that Phonics has worked well for you or give someone an idea from a great Phonics session that you have delivered.
Basic Skills
* learn letter sounds
* learn letter formation- in line with school handwriting
* learn how to blend
* learn how to segment (these skills are reversible)
* identify the sounds in words
* read and spell tricky words
Key things to think about
Recapping on sounds
Blending for reading
Segmenting for spelling
Tricky words
Include Kagan
Don't forget to use the silent hand signal
Kagan structures are excellent for Phonics,
Quiz, quiz, trade, running reporter, all write round robin, peer coaching, numbered head togethers
Teach sounds in order shown.

consonant blends
'suh' 'huh'
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