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Sharing Digital Media

Productivity tools: sharing digital media, file of all sorts and even syncing across platforms and (yes) in the cloud

Chris Smith (Shamblesguru)

on 26 October 2014

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Transcript of Sharing Digital Media

sharing digital media
[productivity tools]
audio files
documents (e.g.word)
sharing digital media in
sharing any media
backing up
google docs
amazon cloud drive
cloud computing
a quickie
the relationship manifesto
mobile apps
between your own devices
social networks
Data Liberation
5GB free plus bonus if using
time machine
The cloud is now your hard drive. And not just a few dozen Gigabytes, Terabytes or even Petabytes, but all of it – infinite storage – for only $10 per month.
1GB free .. $0.25 per GB or
20GB of storage for your entire Google Account at just 5$/year.
The cloud it seems, is
raining GBs of (free)
storage lately.
(Mike See)
Which brings up another issue.
Choose carefully where you place your
data, because they may not be around
for long. (Thomas Albech)
Online file sharing and storage - 10 GB free web space.
Premium 1 year 100GB $78/year
music sharing???
Google Cloud
Connect for MS Office
Google Cloud Connect for Microsoft Office brings collaborative multi-person editing to the familiar Microsoft® Office experience. You can share, backup, and simultaneously edit Microsoft Word, PowerPoint®, and Excel® documents with coworkers.
apple: evernote desktop client
windows: evernote desktop client
e.g. scribd (hosted) document embedded into a webpage
2GB free
50GB $9.99/month
100GB $19.99/month
30 GB $49.99 / year
60 GB $99.99 / year
100 GB $149.99 / year
250 GB $249.99 / year
visit the
on this
apple iwork makes it easy to share your work online with anyone (apple or PC) you want.1 With this web-based, public beta service, you can share iWork files on your Mac or iPad in a way that’s simple, smart, and secure.
australia sessions march 2012
what will i do
this year?
hashtag #wwiddty
this is the Prezi from a shamblesguru workshop
video in teaching & learning
this is just a screenshot & not interactive
Documents on your website should be more than an afterthought. Make it convenient for your viewers to see and interact with your content right in their browser with no need to prompt for any software download or account for variability in user experience. Experience never-before-possible control over the documents and files on your website.
now a part of
Content management

Box is a simple, scalable and affordable solution to manage documents, media and all your content online. Share files as a link. Sync files on the desktop. It’s file sharing, reinvented.
try this
presentations, How-To’s, tutorials, software demonstrations, video,
screencasts, social media,
courses, slide shows,
curation tools
web2 start pages
social media
Send unlimited videos, photos and files
to your friends – for free!
No more storage limits. No more fees. Just simple and free file sharing.
Review a Word document, fill out a PDF form, mark up an image,
and more... All with Crocodoc, all online, all for free.
Usenet for File Sharing
It’s one of the earliest forms of the modern Internet, but Usenet is still alive and kicking. Why is it still around when it is so old, you ask? Because even after 30 years, Usenet is still arguably the best platform for file sharing out there (and quite possibly the largest, too).
iBooks Author
iTune U
ppt Search Engine
allow students to upload to a folder in
your Dropbox account without giving
them access to you account
set up automated actions
when you do anything
in Dropbox
google drive
5GB free .. Upgrade to 25 GB for less than $2.50 a month and you can store practically everything for next to nothing.
incorporating Google Docs
photographs and images
the sharing of video, photo slideshows, podcasts, presentations, screencasts, elearning & more
schools/districts own
VLE / CMS / portal
QR Codes
by ASGI Ltd
Chirp sings information from one iPhone to another.
figshare allows researchers to publish all of their research outputs in seconds in an easily citable, sharable and discoverable manner.
All file formats can be published, including videos and datasets that are often demoted to the supplemental materials section in current publishing models.
By opening up the peer review process, researchers can easily publish null results, avoiding the file drawer effect and helping to make scientific research more efficient. figshare uses creative commons licensing to allow frictionless sharing of research data whilst allowing users to maintain their ownership.
DropMX lets you create an organzied drop so you can share docs, photos, video, audio, and other files easily. If you send us photos we will make thumbnails and put them in a gallery; if you send us digital media we'll stream it.
DropMX lets you create an organzied drop so you can share docs, photos, video, audio, and other files easily. If you send us photos we will make thumbnails and put them in a gallery; if you send us digital media we'll stream it.
A "drop" is a collection of files you can upload, access or share privately, with or without an account or email address.
Only people that know the encrypted URL or password of your drop can access it on DropMX.
lesson plans
BitTorrent Labs
one terabyte of free space
Copy is the easiest way to store, protect and share amazing things.

It keeps your computers in sync and your files available from anywhere, even on your mobile devices.

With Copy, you can also easily share files with anyone publicly or privately.

Copy for companies extends the cloud storage and sharing benefits into corporate (shool) environments with user and group management and added control of proprietary company (school) data.
a very serious competitor to "dropbox"
on price and functionality
[was skydrive]
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