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Z for Zachariah

No description

Maygen Fairholm

on 20 May 2014

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Transcript of Z for Zachariah

Contrast and contradictions-- opposites and conflicts with each other.
Again and Again-- when a character tells the reader something that could be important.
Aha Moment-- when the character finally realizes something that could be helpful to them.
Words of the Wiser-- when a character older than the other tells them something important and wise to help them out with the situation.
Tough questions-- A character may say or think a question like "what's the meaning of life?"
Memory moment-- when a character has a 'flashback' from when they were younger and remembers something with the situation.
About the character
My family, my dad, my mom, and my brother Joseph.
We lived in the valley for a long time and also my cousin,
David, and his dog, Faro was there as well. One day the
three boys left and came back crying and then they left.
That's when, over a year ago, I was left alone. Before my dad
left, he said that something was wrong with burden creek;
there was no livings things in it. It was radioactive and
I like to be comfortable, so when my parents left and
never returned, I changed into an extra pair of men's clothes
in Mr.Klein's store. I had to take over my dad's responsibility
and feed myself. I am the protagonist.

Ann Burden
- Ann remembers when Mr.Loomis puts his gun in the back of his truck.
- Ann had a recollection of when Faro disappeared and never was effected by the radioactivity.
- Ann went back to the day that she got her journal. pg.4
- Ann and Daniel went into the pond to get minnows. pg.17
- She went back into her memory where she actually went to school
- Ann remembered when Faro ran away and survived with the radioactivity.

Memory Moment
About the character
The first time I seen Mr. Loomis, I didn't see him, but I saw smoke from his fire coming down the mountain into the valley. He made it to the bottom of the valley and spotted my house, but he didn't sleep in my house. He slept in his weird green tent right outside of my house and he came with a huge green suit and with an oxygen tank. I confronted him and without me noticing, he took over the valley. He told me to use the tractor and what to plant in the field, and even how to plow my own garden. He is a creep because when he walked again, he went into my room when I was sleeping and tried to hold me or rape me but he's creepy! I soon began to realize that it was right to just stay away from him. He is the antagonist.
Mr. John Loomis
Z for Zachariah
By: Maygen Fairholm
Contrast and Contradictions
Again and Again
- Mr.Loomis was having nightmares and was mentioning Edward frequently.
- Ann mentioned smoke and the campfire quite a bit. pg. 2
- Ann always said how she loved to be alone.
- Ann wants to leave the valley to get some books.
- Mentioned the .22 rifle frequently.
- "Poor Mr.Loomis"

- Ann realized when Mr.Loomis shot her that he wanted to slow her down so that he could take her as slave.
- Ann realized that Mr.Loomis leading Faro was a way to get Ann.
- Mr.Loomis found out that Ann was really leaving him.
- Ann realized that she needed to find Mr.Loomis' weakness instead of being afraid... Taking his safesuit.
Aha Moment
- It seemed weird when Ann was in boy's clothes only when everyone was gone.
- When Mr.Loomis shot her, he wants to keep hers a slave but could have killed her.
- Ann loves to be alone while Mr.Loomis was begging her to stay.
- Ann carried around a rifle but never used it once.
- Ann also had a tractor and tons of gas but didn't use them until Mr.Loomis shown up.
- Mr. Loomis is nice at first when he gets his way and bosses Ann around, but when she refuses to listen to him, he goes crazy and lonely.
- "I feel as if it is the beginning of the end." pg. 14

How I got answers to these tough questions
1.) Or worse, suppose he doesn't like me? (pg.36) Mr. Loomis does love her, but once Ann figured that out she already wanted to leave him anthe valley.
2.) Suppose I don't like him? (pg.36) She could've loved him, but he got creepy and tried to rape her.
3.) Will he live? (pg. 7-10) Yes! Mr.Loomis does live, I knew he would, and if he didn't, what would even be the point of him coming.

Tough questions
How I discovered what the "wiser's" meant:
1.) Ann's dad made an observation about the radioactive pond. There were no fish in the pond and not even the midge larvae swim in the pond. Midge Larvae can live in very low oxygenated water and ecosystemes. That's how radioactive the pond is.
Words of the wiser
Plot of Z for Zachariah
1) Ann and her family gets introduced.
2) Ann's dad, her brother and her cousin
go outside of the valley and come back
Climax: Ann writes a note to Mr.Loomis
and once he follows her orders, Ann steals his safesuit.
3) Ann's family left her by accident, and Ann
has been living in the valley, by herself for
over a year.
4) Ann saw a campfire in the distance and found out that a man was coming closer to her valley and her.

5) Mr.Loomis was the man's name. He jumped into the redioactive pond. Days later, he got really sick, so Ann had to take care of him.
Conflict and Theme
Man vs. man:
Ann and Mr.Loomis have conflict throughout the book.
Man vs. self:
Ann trying to find who she is while she is fighting for her life.
Man vs. nature:
Ann having a wonderful time surviving in the valley, but then Mr.Loomis comes and makes living a little more difficult.

Individual freedom isn't always free.
As John Loomis comes into the valley, Ann's freedoms seem to be shortened. She has to share her limited food, water supply and her own living environment. John is pictured as a very controlling character and he loves everything to be his way.
6) Mr.Loomis likes to have control so he starts to slowly take over various things around the farm.
7) Mr.Loomis touches Ann in the night and Ann takes off to the cave. John Loomis takes Faro to try and find her.
8) John locks up the store to cut off Ann's supply of food. Ann tries to sneak in but John shoots her in the ankle. Ann decides she has to kill Faro.
9) Faro dies from radioactive water. Ann figures out a plan to take the safesuit.
11) Mr.Loomis waits for Ann at the south end of the valley. She finally comes with the safesuit on her and his tent.
12) Ann leaves John in the valley with everything and Ann leaves to the radioactive world.
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