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Nursing: The Health Risks

Senior Project

Karen Aira Sarol

on 28 February 2011

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Transcript of Nursing: The Health Risks

The Health Risks Bibliography: Pictures

http://www.hhsc.org/maui/mmmc/images/MMMCevening.jpg Although nurses have many dangers chemically, physically and through the spread of diseases, the pay and intrinsic benefits make it worth an occupation to have. Thesis: The Paper: Intense exposure to environment hazards can cause nurses to have asthma, miscarriages and some cancer. The most common health hazard was stress. Diseases in this profession can be spread by human body fluids such as mucus, saliva, urine, blood and others. Three key points. The Project: Both had the same injuries, but the paper had way more information than what I had observed. Maui Memorial Medical Center 5th Floor, Haleakala East Pediatric & Telemetry Department Mentored by Reina Villanueva Nursing is a very serious job because one is dealing with ill patients. In this profession, there are a lot of papers to fill out, and a lot of medical terms to know. and I would very much like to be a nurse. This is me, Karen Aira Datoc Sarol... Personal Growth: TAKE SENIOR PROJECT SERIOUSLY!!! DO NOT PROCRASTINATE!! Advice to upcoming seniors doing Senior Project: If you know you're going to wait till the last minute, set up an early deadline before the actual deadline. Questions? I'll answer as best as I can :) THANK YOU! I hope you enjoyed :D
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