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Checking Out Me History

No description

Ben Liew

on 7 January 2013

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Transcript of Checking Out Me History

John Agard Checking Out
Me History born 21 June 1949 in georgetown, British Guiana What Is It About? Colonialism Oppression Slavery Censorship White-Male Dominance Culture Ancestors Rebellion John Agard What might his background be? What Does he want from the reader? Why did he write the poem? 'CHecking out me history' 'Checking Out' 'Me History' Context? 1066 Dick Whittington Napoleon lord nelson - waterloo colombus - 1942 florence nightingale robin hood king cole 'dish who ran away
with the spoon' 'Cow who jumped
over the moon' 'man who invented
the baloon' toussaint l'overture nanny de maroon shaka the zulu the caribs the arawaks mary seacole British Guiana was a British colony
on the northern coast of South America Georgetown was the location of a
significant slave rebellion in 1823 Agard moved to the UK with his
partner Grace Nichols in 1977 form and point of view TYPE? VOICE FASCINATION INSPIRATION MOCKING ADMIRATION ANGER THREAT REVOLUTIONARY What stance does JA take
toward the reader? Structure Rhythm Epic Form Free Verse Dialect de - the dem - them bout - about me - I dat - that Individuality independence identity pride refusal Narrative In dent - left out
Childish? Language bandage up me eye with me own history
Blind me to me own identity Dem tell me
dem tell me
wha dem want to tell me wha - what BUT NOW I CHECKING OUT ME OWN HISTORY
a slave Napoleon
battalion see-far woman
of mountain dream from Jamaica
she travel far to the Crimean War
she volunteer to go Chant many people
wronged written in style
of his ancestors revenge, using
the idea of
threat in
mass numbers Fragmentation clashy rhyme Inconsistent
Rhyme and Rhythm history ripped apart Song Melody Metaphors beacon mountain dream fire-woman Needs to stand out - italics Excluded/isolated Verse/Chorus 'Dem'
A reminder thorughout of anger Freedom river healing star Identity and belonging 'Jaimaca' 'french' 'republic' 'haitian' 'british' 'russian' Present war and sacrifice? wounded dying volunteer thorn fire yellow sunrise snow carving Rhyme -oon -on -at -o -oo
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