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4 Main parts of the mass and 4 specific parts of the mass

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Bryan H

on 6 June 2014

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Transcript of 4 Main parts of the mass and 4 specific parts of the mass

-Introductory Rites
-Liturgy of he Word
-Liturgy of the Eucharist
-Concluding Rites
Liturgy of the Word
The liturgy of the word is the first reading from the old testament. Then the second reading from the letters of the new testament. The priest will read the word of God from Mark, Luke, Matthew and John. Then comes the Homily which the priest will explain about the parts of the gospel.

Specific Parts of the Mass
-First reading
-Second reading
-Proclaiming the Gospel

Liturgy of the Eucharist

The liturgy of the Eucharist is a presentation of the gifts for example when the priest gives wine and bread. Then the priest will say the Eucharist prayer, a prayer to thank God and to receive the body and blood of Christ.

Specific Parts of the Mass
-Presentation of the Gifts
-Preparation of the Gifts
-Communion Rites
-Eucharist Prayer
Dismissal (prayer, final blessing, closing song)

Introductory Rites
-Greeting (gathering procession, opening song, welcoming prayer)
By Bryan April 29 2014
4 Main parts of the mass and 4 specific parts of the mass
4 Main Parts Of The Mass
Specific Parts of the Mass
-First Reading
-Second Reading
-Proclaiming the Gospel
-Presentation of the Gifts
-Eucharistic Prayer
-Communion Rites
-Dismissal (prayer final blessing closing song)

The Introductory rites is the beginning of a mass that has a welcoming prayer, opening song to take a moment to relax or to pray to God

It is also a moment for the priest and alter severs, readers to get ready so everything is smooth

Specific Parts of the Mass
This picture is a photo
taken in a church when
the Introductory Rites
This is an example of the priest
reading the liturgy of the word
Dismissal Prayer, Final Blessing, Closing Song

The dismissal prayer is the last prayer of the mass
its about thanking God and its to extend Gods love
for you.

There are lots of closing songs its the schools choice to
pick the nicest song or a catholic song for the closing
song for example.
where you there when they crucified my lord.
This is an example of the dismissal prayer
when the priest says it out loud to spread
Gods love to you and the world.
When the mass is almost over depending if its
ash Wednesday the priest will call everybody
up and then the priest will put ashes on your forehead looking like a cross.
What are Masses
Masses are important there only on special days like ash Wednesday and other catholic equations like Christmas and the resurrection of Jesus.
This is an old book or old version
of the bible in the past this book
can be up to 50 or 100 years old
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