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Orlando, Florida presintation

No description

sahaj bling

on 18 March 2014

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Transcript of Orlando, Florida presintation

Orlando, Florida
The human characteristics
One human characteristic is Disney land lots of people visit there mostly because of their kids, or sometimes just to enjoy them self. Another is some of the hotels there for guests to stay near Disney land
physical characteristics
By: Sahaj.Bling
Some attractions
The biggest attraction is the Disney land because so many kids visit there and some want to, another is Lego land tons on children enjoy visiting there and it opened in 2012, so its still new, one more attraction would be the beaches for parents, kids, seniors, even teens to enjoy.

Some physical characteristics of Orlando
are the beaches and the lakes most people
go to the beach relax in the sun and to enjoy
with their families.

I think that the beaches are the best physical
characteristic of Orlando there are around 33 beaches in Orlando , and about 18 lakes.
The map of Orlando and some attractions
Places to stay while visiting
One place is in the Disney land area there is a hotel for guests to stay in while they are visiting, but there are also hotels out side of Disney land area. {Not in Disney land}
The places to stay
Hotel in Disney land
Hotel out of Disney land
The weather and climate of Orlando
In January it is about 71degrees Fahrenheit and in July its 92 degrees Fahrenheit and last in December its 73 degrees Fahrenheit.

So you can see its very warm all year around.
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