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Advisor Performance Stats - The Journey

Agent performance stats - what the future could look like for call centre reporting

Michael Woodhead

on 9 July 2013

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Transcript of Advisor Performance Stats - The Journey

Motability Operations
MI & Forecasting
Advisor Performance Stats - The Journey
it all starts with one advisor...
How can we give everyone what they want?
What if you could.....?
Choose what is important to you?
Look at the power of exception?
Choose what you want your team to focus on?
Everyone can see everything
Is all of the information of equal importance?
Different information is important
to different users
How do we highlight this?
How do we currently measure performance?
The information needed by advisors
is different to the information needed by managers
which is different to the information needed by coaches
So, what would the performance stats of the future look like for an advisor?
Stats of the future?
Select the data you are interested in
Select the date range you want
to see
make your own report!
What about my team performance?
I can pick different things for my team to focus on
Each manager can focus on their own areas to report on
I can perform my own analysis of my teams data
I can use new tools to view and segment the data I am interested in
We can also look at the centre as a whole
Default Views
We can set a default view for advisors
This will help them to focus on the measures that are important
Advisors can also pick their own measures to help them take charge of their own development areas
Perform my own analysis
What if I want to compare AHT against QMF?
How can I look at this in a different way and gain greater insight into my teams performance?
View the whole centre
We can view the same metrics at any level quickly and easily
Lets have a look at AHT and QMF for the whole centre
Of course, we can still look at performance in the
way we do now giving you access to all of the data...
but now we can do so much more...
The power of exception....
I want to look at my teams AHT
when its above 600 seconds
...and its not on a monday
Can I do that?
Over 600 seconds
Excluding Mondays
Create a new tab
AHT over 600
600 2000
Name the tab
Select the metrics
Add in the range
Select the dates
( no Mondays)
You are now in control of
what you want to see
Giving you the opportunity to focus on the bigger picture
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