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Person-Situation Interactions Presentation

Team D PSY/250

Jessica Deitrich

on 17 November 2012

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Transcript of Person-Situation Interactions Presentation

A University of Phoenix Presentation PSY/215
Judy Stoner
Team D Mary Hicks
Cory Gunningham
Jessica Deitrich
Micheal Singleton Person-Situation
Interactions Presentation Intro Theorist #1 I feel Isabella's scenario has to deal with behavioral/ social because she voluntarily changes who she is given the situation.
when Isabella is at college she is a wild crazy party girl.
Then when Isabella is with her parents she is what some consider a conservative girl. Isabella gives her parents the daughter she thinks they expect. Behavioral/ social theory The operant conditioning come when Isabella goes from college, or being out with friends to being with her parents. Operant conditioning copyright © 2011 Pearson Education References Influence of the situations on personality Conclusion Personologic System
Behavior - a function of person and immediate situation.
Action - different ways, different situations.
Effects - internal and external needs (Environmental Press). Psychology Theorist:
Henry Murray Personality Needs
Exhibition: Attract Attention

Play: Have fun

Sex: Enjoy Erotic Relationships

Sentience: Enjoy Sensuous Feelings

Recognition: Approval and Social Status

Infavoidance: Avoid Shame Friedman, H.S. & Schustack, M.W. (2009). Personality: Classic theories and modern research (4th ed. ) Boston, MA: Pearson: Allyn & Bacon
http://www.newworldencyclopedia.org/entry/Henry_Murray Isabella is a sophomore in college who is spending her Spring Break at Rocky Point for the first time. She drinks heavily, engages in sexual activity with strangers, sleeps through the day to be ready to party at night, and spends most of the week in a bikini. She is very outgoing with everyone she meets. When the semester ends, Isabella goes home for the summer to be with her parents. Isabella dresses conservatively, and is usually home by midnight, unless she spends the night at a friend’s house. Her parents believe her sexual activity has been limited to a boyfriend she dated for two years. Isabella has not mentioned dating anyone since the break up. When she goes to the beach with her parents, Isabella wears a one piece bathing suit. She is generally outgoing, friendly, and considered a “good girl.” Her parents had once hoped she would marry the boy next door, until he got a tattoo. Isabella We will discuss
influence of the
situations on
and behavior. http://blog.wsd.net/jreeve/behaviorism-not-as-dead-as-previously-thought/ Parents

Way she was raised

Fear of abandonment

Beliefs Influences on home life School



The “norm” Influences social life Isabella changes her
roles and behaviors
depending on the situation Behaviorist theorist based on
theories developed by Henry Murray She can use her learned behavior
to get what she wants
get rewards Thank you Class!
The End
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