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Goodbye Vi

No description

Sanchez Kennedy

on 13 May 2014

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Transcript of Goodbye Vi

I learned you liked to play baseball
Your favorite game was soccer
You owned a kite
You really loved math
Your favorite grade was high school
All the high school teachers were men
Your favorite food was chicken
You like strawberry ice cream
Soap is something you have eaten
Teen Years
You use to go out and play ball
I learned you played piano
You loved baseball
Good Bye Vi
These past 8 months have been really fun! You have tought me a ton! I hope I will see you around! Thanks for spending time with me
From: Brody P.
Goodbye Vi
My favorite grade was 3rd
All my teachers have been girls
I love reading
Math is also a subject I like
I savor pizza
Pickles I hate
I love ice cream too
My chicken is preferred Kentucky fried
I also love baseball
Basketball is also a sport I worship
I'm addicted to a couple games on may I Pod

I have yet to enter my teen years
I am also a baseball fan
My friends and I play together a lot
I can't play piano
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