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Ultimate Size Comparison Part 1

Current Rank: Region! Next Goal: 7.5 K views!

xXxFlipamenaxXx Preziworld

on 28 December 2014

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Transcript of Ultimate Size Comparison Part 1

4,878 kilometers

1 megameter
6,972 kilometers
12,103 kilometers
12,756 kilometers
49,528 kilometers
51,118 kilometers

120,536 kilometers

142,984 kilometers

The Sun
1,392,684 kilometers
1 gigameter
Rigel Kentaurus A
1,706,000 kilometers
44.2 solar radii

74 solar radii
Pistol Star
306 solar radii
883 solar radii
1 terameter

1,200 solar radii
VY Canis Majoris

1,420 solar radii
NML Cygni
1,650 solar radii
UY Scuti
Largest Star Known
1,708 solar radii
Wanna know how big the Sun is?
This is the Sun!
Mind blowing, huh?
And this is the Earth!
Part 2 is about stuff bigger than stars!
Bonus Slide!
Update: Fourth Of July 2014

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AcidicCyanide (Brony) on deviantArt: http://acidiccyanide.deviantart.com/
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