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DOMO, The Robot

No description

Carson S.

on 30 August 2013

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Transcript of DOMO, The Robot

Domo, The Robot
What does Domo do?
Domo helps elderly with household tasks like putting away dishes. Other things he could do would include agriculture, space travel, and assisting workers on an assembly line.
Where is it used?
Domo can be used in someones house. He was mainly created to be a household helper.
What does Domo's work envelope?
In his arms, hands, and neck, he has springs that can sense force and respond to it. This allows him to be safer during human interaction during his chores.

If you apply to much force or move his arms in the wrong direction, he replies with "ouch."
Is Domo multi-functional?
Other than performing household tasks, Domo can work in factories on the assembly line, help on farms with agriculture, and perform tasks in space.
How is Domo taught to do his task?
He is programmed to react to certain things. For example, if someone says,"Domo shelf," he reaches out for the item, looks around for a nearby shelf that looks empty, and puts it away.
What sensors does Domo have and how does he use these sensors?
Domo has spring sensors that sense pressure. He also is sensitive to voices and uses that to know what task to perform. He can also look through his "eyes" and spot human faces/objects.
He makes tasks some people
find challenging, easy.

He's easy to communicate

He can make workers more
productive by helping them.

He can save manufacturing
jobs from being sent overseas
He can't really move around.

He can only be programmed
for certain things, he can't do
all household chores.

He's slow.

He's very big.
The impact on Domo's audience.
He has an impact on elderly and disabled. He can perform tasks they can't do because of their physical condition.
What kind of jobs does this create?
Domo doesn't really create jobs, but he does make them easier. He can work on assembly lines and help workers. He also helps the elderly. Domo sort of helps with jobs because someone has to make/ invent him and then program him.
How Domo can be altered to perform different tasks?
Domo can be given the ability to move around, so he can be more efficient with his tasks. He can also be altered to do more complicated tasks like cooking or cleaning.
Domo in Action!!!
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