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Science Flight Webquest

No description

Kevin Kalathil

on 2 May 2013

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Transcript of Science Flight Webquest

Science Flight Webquest Science Flight Webquest Air transportation has changed our lives. It has made it more quick and efficient. Did you know that the average plane that carries 300-700 people travels at 800 kilometers per hour when the plane is in mid-air? That is almost 7 times faster than the speed many cars go at on the highway. I wonder...when birds fly, they flap their wings, but an airplane does not flap its wings so how do airplanes get themselves of the ground? Come with me on a flight adventure while we explore all the great principals of flight. Lets get soaring. Does air have weight? The four forces of flight are lift, drag, gravity and thrust.
Lift: Is the force that makes an object lift up. Lift, in the case of an airplane is caused when the air pressure below the planes wing is more than the air pressure above the wing.
Gravity: Is the force that makes objects come towards the surface of the earth. It is caused because the earth attracts objects that are smaller than itself and in the atmosphere.
Drag (friction): is the force that makes two objects resist movement against each other. It happens because when two objects come into contact they attract and resist movement against each object.
Thrust: is the force that makes an object move forward. What Are The Four Forces Of Flight? In the case of an air plane, when the force thrust makes the plane move forward, the air pressure below the wing is more than the air pressure above the wing causing lift. Bernoulli's principal was that if air fly's over and under a wing with a smooth, hard, and curved surface, lift will be generated. The force gravity helps lower the plane when it has to land. The force drag helps slow down the plane so that it can stop. How does a plane fly? Yes air does have weight! The total weight of the atmosphere is 14.7 pounds if measured at sea level! It is so astonishing because air feels weightless. Force is energy that is basically exerted by a push or pull. An example of a push would be if someone kicks a soccer ball they are giving off a push force. An example for a pull would if someone is writing they are pulling their pencil across their paper. What Is the concept of Force? What Is the concept of Friction Force? Friction is the force that strains objects from sliding against each other is the force that makes two objects resist movement against each other. It happens because when two objects come into contact they attract and resist movement against each object. What is the concept of pressure? Pressure occurs when scattered air is compressed on a certain area of an object. For example if somebody blows air into a balloon, air will be compressed but if the air is released it is decompressed and the pressure goes away. What Is The Concept of Gravity Force? Gravity is caused by a gravitational field inside the earth's atmosphere. It causes things to stay on the earths surface. It is caused by earths attraction towards objects in the earths atmosphere. Isaac Newton, a famous scientist discovered the force of "G"=gravitational constant meaning gravity is constant when an apple fell on his head! Ingenious man right? What is the Concept of Thrust Force? Thrust is the force that makes things move forward. Thrust is basically the force that gives objects a push. It is caused by an object moving something else. The engines on a rocket give thrust. By: Kevin Kalathil What is the concept of Balanced forces Balanced forces are two objects applying the same amount of force against each other. It is caused because the only pressure exerted onto the object is the strength of the two forces which is equal to each other. The only other force that can be added is air and air has the same weight everywhere. What is the Concept of the Center Of Gravity? The center of gravity is the place in an object that is the average weight of the whole object. How Do Lift, Propulsion and Stability of a plane work Lift, Propulsion and stability on a plane are mandatory for a safe flying plane. Lift happens when the plane moves forward with propulsion, the propulsion on a plane is the engines. Lift is generated when air goes over the wings with a hard, smooth and curved surface, which makes the air pressure below the wing higher than the air pressure above the wing which allows it to beat gravity. The stability of the plane is what keeps the plane straight and keeps it from going off course. The rudders, Elevators and Ailerons help keep the stability on a plane. How do Airfoils Work? An airplane wing has a special shape called an airfoil. The airfoil shapes are the things that separate the air so that it goes under and over the wing. What are Ailerons, Elevators, and Rudders on a plane? Ailerons, Elevators and rudders are important parts of the flight of a plane. Ailerons control how much the plane tilts(wing-wing). Elevators control how much the plane tilts front-back. Rudders control which cardinal direction the plane is facing. What is the affect of a Yah and Pitch? Yah is the cardinal direction an object is moving in. Pitch controls the height the object is moving in. Thanks for watching! I hope you learned about the principals of flight from this presentation and enjoyed it as well.
Here is a song to help you remember the four forces History Of flight In December 1903, two germans named Orville and Wilbur Wright created the first working plane. It was a historic for all living beings. They were the founders of all air transportation. As time passed many people modified the plane make it even better such as Daniel Bernoulli who created a principal for lift. Here is a video on how the four forces of flight work. Proof: it can be proved by hanging an inflated balloon on one end and a non-inflated balloon on the other end of a balance. The inflated balloon side goes down.
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