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Tara Manych

on 6 March 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Project Arise:
Attendance Initiative Mary Duncan School MARY DUNCAN, 2011-Present Attendance Initiative Statistically Challenged :) Budgetary Breakdown=
How we did it! Identified Need
Mary Duncan School is an Alternative School. We have an average student enrollment of 285. We have been a combined Alternative/Adult Learning Centre for four years. Our youngest student is 9 and our oldest is 65. In a given school year, 75% of our students are self-declared aboriginal.

• 80% of our GE/PACE (middle years/senior years) students come from single parent homes.
• The average family income of all KLC, GE PACE students is under the poverty line of $35,000.00 annually.

• 30% of our students are currently on income assistance.

• The average age of our adult learner is 21 years of age.

• 79% of our adult learners are young parents themselves
Total for 2 years = $10,000.00
30 weeks (bi weekly)= $166.00
Weekly Perfect Attendance Draws /TRIPS!
Augment Sports Equipment/Daily intramural program:
Daily Snack Fund
$2,500.00 Project Arise Expected Outcomes:

1.)Student Attendance will improve by 15% over a two year period.

2.) Graduation and Retention Rates will increase annually by 2%.

3.)Overall Student Academic Achievement will increase as improved attendance rates rise.

4.)Student engagement with education will increase rates of post -secondary registrations and employment rates for graduate students. The students are amazing, they are very committed to the program, they are so motivated, they just needed a different way to meet their goals.

I teach nighthawks because I believe in second chances, and in the potential of all to succeed.

I don’t believe there is only one road to that success I am in awe of the changes this group of students has made literally right before my eyes. The Final Word….. As of today 35 students in program

PACE 1 and 2 are at the target size for being alternative ed classes.

Both classes are manageable and due to fewer distractions attendance and grades are up in both rooms

No waiting list – NH is running for students from 14-19 The Impact…..so far… “…I am in a great program. I like coming to this class because it allows me to be more in my comfort zone…..I can go at my pace and I seem to get a lot of work done…..I would like to have more classes” TB

“Night Hawks is giving me a chance to be something much better” GP

“Even with all my life problems, I can still do good at school” BM What Students are Saying…… Attendance Students are attending

parents are talking with us – and their student

Atmosphere is positive

Very little to no discipline issues How Things are Going Students ideally would leave Night Hawks and enter one of three paths:
PACE or programming at MBCI
Workforce What’s Next? Attend every Wed Night for 2 hours
Monitor attendance rigidly – we call if we haven’t heard from them regardless of their arrangement between Wednesdays
Work on upgrading basic Math and Language Arts
Modules that they work on at own pace – takes them from grade 2 through 10

Work readiness skills
Tie into WEST Center for adult students
Connect with employers to get support from them They help us with attendance for those under 18. The Program………. Recommendation to program from within KSD

Complete regular application process

Meeting with Tara and Louise (interview) Process for Entry……
16-18 year olds

Chronic non-attenders who are disengaged from school

Identified 9 students as good match for program

Students told other students about it enrollment rapidly grew fluctuates 31 students to 35 (actually we were at 38) Target Group 101 Night Hawks Attendance Summary
Mary Duncan School 2008-09 2009-10 2010-11 2011-12 Despite these odds, a regularly attending student will increase math and reading abilities by an average of four grade levels within one school year due to our programs.

With the help of our CURA “VOICE” research project (Brandon University/University College of the North) and sustained parental/community groups stakeholders, Project Arise is aimed at creating sustainable attendance gains in overall at risk student achievement. We believe by focusing on the Arise virtues, coupled with reinforcing these virtues with regular incentives and the current technologies available with digital learning, We can and will make a long term difference in the lives of our school community. Ask us later about Mobile Technologies & The At Risk Learner... Student Success Stories My name is Reese J., in the past my experience
in school(s) has not been so great. I would often miss
classes due to being a minute or so late, because they would mark you absent. Then I just stopped going. Also, my classes usually had 30 or so students in them so we would not get much individualized instructions and examples for the work. Mary Duncan's Night Hawks program has helped me because I now attend school regularly and it has helped me to get
individualized learning and understanding.

I now plan on graduating school and I want to get further education then just grade 12. I would like to go to college and get a good job. My attendance is important to me because I need it to learn and advance educationally. Attendance also gets me in a routine to regularly attend school.
-Reese What advice would you give other kids about school? What has been your past experience attending school? How has Mary Duncan helped you? What are your future goals? Why is your attendance so important to you? Where do we go from here? EXPAND! We are working hard to grow our program to offer more spaces for at risk grades 4-12 to our entire division. Keep reaching for that 100% school wide dream of attendance!

Continue the daily conversations about attendance, incentives, trips & recognition of kids' improved attendance. Tracking data through assessments in the VOICE research project will show us if in 5 years we are able to increase our graduand rate. Attendance
Education is Life Long School Plan
Staff Meetings
Committees- (we even gave them time & $$$$$!)
Daily conversations
Parent intake process
Local Media PR & Business Support We Day! SEVEC in Ottawa, lake days, pool hall, weekly draws, food, food & more food! Guitar lessons, camping, Pie Face, Intramural, after school Dukes. In school contests for $. Pool table, Garden project, Mukluks, Mad Science in the halls at breaks, b-ball uniforms, friendship tourney with Many Faces, Blizzard days,
tile project Incentives
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