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Pop Culture

No description

brillary saveemcats

on 7 January 2013

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Transcript of Pop Culture

Pop Culture What's in? Popular Culture As Its Finest! What's in? Celebrities Television, Electronics, Social Media By Brigitta & Jessa What's in? What's out? Celebrities Movies and Books Movies and Books What's out? Fashion/ Clothing Television, Electronics, Social Media What's out? Fashion/ Clothing To what extent is individual identity affected by pop culture? With the great impact of pop culture, our individual identity will gradually be affected. First, it can affect towards our decisions including our choices in clothing and even the groups that we belong to.Teenagers are able to express themselves because of pop culture. Some people want to fit in than to stand out. They want to be accepted by others. And by that, a person might lose originality or even his uniqueness. Always remember that God created us perfectly unique, don't die as a copy. Believe yourself. Be unique. Be you. To what extent is pop culture affected by forms of media and communication technologies? Where in the world has the greatest influence on global pop culture? Provide 3 reasons and explain. Psy became known to millions of people all over the world because of the media. It's rare that a South Korean musician breaks through the American culture divide. He represents pop culture through its influences on the media. Justin Bieber is famous through communication technologies and the media. He became popular because people watched, liked, and shared his videos and posted it on social media such as facebook. Ipads, Ipods, and Iphones are really popular because you can access your facebook, twitter, tumblr, and instagram on the go. This represents pop culture because Apple are really good at marketing which explains why they're so popular. Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Youtube, and Instagram are popular since everyone can have access to it anywhere with internet connection. These websites are easy to use which is why a lot of people want to use it. By having more and more people using it, they become more and more popular. Jonas Brothers are out since they haven't been on television for a long time. They haven't recorded any songs or had any concerts. The media and people have forgotten them. Last year, everybody talked a lot about stopping Kony. It was popular back then because it was first introduced on Youtube. People started sharing the video on facebook and twitter. When a lot of people started to talk about this, the media had to get involved to let more people know about this issue. Now, the media talks about Hurricane Sandy and other problems. The media plays an important role in informing citizens and influencing attitudes. They help shape the latest trends in fashion, music, entertainment, etc. Pop culture is affected by the media because the information they provide shapes peoples opinions and influences our choice. A company would use communication technologies and the media to advertise their products and make people want to buy it. In addition to that, the availability of media and communication technologies can make the transportation of messages easier. As a result, all the information that we gathered can affect our decisions in our daily lives. -U.S pop culture dominates the world. A lot of U.S merchandise and brands of food, clothing, music, movies, games have spread across the world. People all over the world adapt and follow what americans think is cool. North America produces music, movies, entertainments, etc that have become popular. -USA are also active in trading with many countries. The products that are made in the USA are more people because they've been shipped to a lot of countries. -The media is mostly concentrated on USA. A lot of the news are about North America and when people watch more news about the US, they become more influenced by them. Pop Culture is great,
But it can be bad at times,
Although, objections were voiced on every hand.
Remember that God has a plan.
Harry Potter The Series is the all time favorite that's why until now, most of the people still buy it. Since High School Musical Season is done, people no longer watch it but because of the songs in this movie, it will remain as its legacy.
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