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Ancient China vs. Modern China

all the differences and similarities between Ancient China and Modern China

Nicole Nelms

on 9 May 2011

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Transcript of Ancient China vs. Modern China

Ancient Chinese Clothing Modern Chinese Clothing Men's Tunic everyone wore long tunics
poor people used mostly black and blue on their tunics because they thought that only the wealthy people were good enough for colorful clothing
poor people made their clothing out of hemp or ramie and then later on out of cotton
only the wealthy people had silk clothes most modern Chinese clothing is the same as any American fashion
some modern women's Chinese clothing still uses the same traditional tunic style but shorter, tighter, and short or no sleeves
materials used most now are cotton and silk
use a lot of brand names on their clothing woman's Modern Traditional Wear Ancient Chinese Food Ancient China vs Modern China the first food the Ancient Chinese ever tasted was rice, they ate it all the time because it was cheap, fast to cook, and tasted great
rice didn't grow in Northern China, because of the cold, so instead they grew wild millet and sorghum
since wheat was not native to China, it was a while before they started to eat it
wheat was brought to China from West Asia in the Shang Dynasty in about 1500 BC
when they had enough money, people would buy or grow vegetables to put with their rice
another first food the chinese discovered was tea
tea grows wild in China
soy beans and cucumbers are native to China so they were the most used
for fruits, the Ancient Chinese had orange, lemons, peaches and apricots
on special occasions or when they could afford it, the Chinese also put little pieces of meat on their rice, but it was very expensive so another alternative was tofu or bean curd Woman's Tunic Wheat Sorghum Modern Chinese Food in modern China, rice is still the most popular dish
now vegetables are very popular in China because they aren't very expensive
now China is one of the leading wheat producers in the world
China is still known very well for their tea
alot of Chinese are vegetarian so there is lots of vegetarian dishes that still use soy beans, bean curd and tofu
Ancient Chinese Transportation the main transportations for the ancient chinese were walking, oxcarts, and horses
the main transportation for poorer people was walking
wealthier people had horses or oxcarts
most ancient transportations were very slow
horses were used mostly in the military Horse Carriage Oxcarts Modern Chinese Transportation most common forms of modern Chinese transportation are walking, cars, bikes, motorbikes, public transit (busses), trains, and planes
China has the fastest train in the world, the Bullet Train
common people usually walk, ride bikes or motorbikes or take buses You will see many people walking the China streets Motorbikes are also very popular Ancient Chinese Housing China had pretty much only two types of houses: poor peoples houses, and rich peoples houses
poor peoples houses usually were just made of mudbrick and a roof made of thatch
poor peoples houses were usually just one room
wealthier people had a much bigger house which was always surrounded by a big mudbrick wall for privacy in their courtyards
some really fancy houses had two floors with a balcony looking over their courtyard
most houses, wealthy and poor, have no windows and one door for protection Model of a wealthy family's home Poor family's home Modern Chinese Housing instead of being made out of mudbrick, modern houses are now made of wood, bricks or cement
they now have lots of windows and more than one door
are very big and have more than one floor
a lot of houses have balconies or decks, not just wealthy peoples
even poor family's houses usually have more than one floor Poor house Wealthy house Ancient Chinese Warfare Ancient chinese used daggers, swords, crossbows and bows and arrows
the weapons were made of wood, bronze, and some were even hand crafted out of jade or ivory
the Ancient Chinese didn't have any heavy atilary, just their horses, so it was very dangerous and deaths weren't uncommon during wars
most of their armor was made of bronze and leather and was very heavy
Bronze Sword Crossbow Modern Chinese weapons are guns, bombs, tanks, jets, helicopters and aircraft carriers
modern Chinese weapons are stronger, bigger, offer more protection to the soldiers, and way more powerful
they use bullet poof vests now instead of metal armor
now most weapons are made of different metals, some hard plastic Modern Chinese Warfare Tank Guns
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