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Jasper Johns

Modern Master

Kira Sikora

on 28 March 2013

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Transcript of Jasper Johns

0 Through 9, 1960 Jasper Johns Jasper Johns Presented by Kira Sikora

Most known for his pop art, abstract expressionism, and American contemporary styles, his works are usually painting or printmaking
The painting to the left is called Highway. The artist was inspired from his first drive at night, the blues, reds, and yellows can be translated into stoplights and taillights. Jasper Johns was born on May 15, 1930 in Augusta, Georgia.
He has not married nor does he have any children, he is very dedicated to his work.
He is currently 82 years old. Introduction to the Artist Jasper was born in Augusta, Georgia, but raised in Allendale, South Carolina.
He attended the University of South Carolina and Parsons the New School for Design.
He later moved to New York as an artist, but was stationed in Japan for two years during the Korean War.
He then lived in Stony Point, New York for nearly three decades. Here he lived in a rustic farmhouse with a glass studio for him to work in before moving to St. Martin. Biography Inspirations and Influences He lived with his parents until they divorced, then was sent to his grandparents, handed back to his mother, over to his aunt, and finally back to his mother.
He said that "In the place where I was a child, there were no artists and there was no art, so I really didn't know what that meant. I think I thought it meant that I would be in a situation different than the one that I was in."
He began drawing at age three and knew from age five that he wanted to be an artist.
Much of his work, such as the American Flags and targets stemmed from his time in the army. Others came from dreams. Flag, 1966 Media: printed paper laid down on a canvas

Sold: to New York art adviser Michael Altman for $28.6 million dollars in May, 2012 Target With Four Faces, 1955 Media: Encaustic on newspaper over canvas, mounted on a box with four plaster faces

Owner: Museum of Modern Art in New York, for around $22,500 on April 25, 2012 Green Target, 1995 Media: Encaustic on cloth and newspaper on top of canvas

Owner: Modern Museum of Art, New York, $3,376,000 in 1957 White Numbers, 1957 Media: Ecaustic on Canvas

Owner: Victor and Sally Ganz, appraised at $8-10 million on November 9, 1988 False Start, 1959 Media: oil on canvas

Owner: Mr. and Mrs. Griffin for $80 million, November 8, 2006 Media: oil on canvas

Owner: gifted to the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art from Helen and Charles Schwab in 2010 Media: Encaustic on canvas

Owner: Currently being sold from the collection of Michael Crichton with a price estimate of $20,000 to $30,000 Between the Clock and Bed, 1930 Interesting Facts He starred in an episode of the Simpsons portraying himself.
Has produced 4 or 5 paintings a year since the 1980's
Was fond of using actual objects in his paintings
In 2010, was the recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom, awarded by President Barack Obama.
References www.metmuseum.org
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