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ICS 313 Game Demonstration (Game Layout)

Game Layout for the Lisp text-based shooting game.

Jason Delos Reyes

on 6 March 2014

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Transcript of ICS 313 Game Demonstration (Game Layout)

• shoot
Strategy Tips
Level 1: Borderlands
Level 6:

Game Plot
• You've been crowned ruler of Ultimate Kingdom
Ultimate Kingdom
Useful Controls
One (1) Security Guard
• Human Civilazation Taken Over
Team Ultimate Survivors
Jason Delos Reyes
Zhaorui Yang
Ka "Phillip" Lau
ICS 313
• Lack of Control
• Need to defeat anti-humans
• investigation (optional arg)
• pick-up (item)
• check-lives
• inventory
• assemble
• restart-game
• quit
• Be Aware
• Use Your Luck
• Have Fun!
Game Statistics
• You Shoot Enemy = 50%
• Enemy Shoots You = 10%
Level 2:
Shrine of the Ancient
Two (2) Wolves
Level 3:
The Lost Temple
Three (3) Ghosts
Level 4: Plunder Isle
Four (4) Bandits
Level 5:
Stone Cold Mountains
Five (5) Wendigos
Six (6) Dragons
Level 7:
Isle of Dread
Twelve (12) Various Enemies
• Humanity and Civilization Restored!
Now onto the . . .
•Game Flyer
• Game Demonstration
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