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Health Care Robots

Team A

LaDonna Ballard

on 16 July 2013

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Transcript of Health Care Robots

Health Care Robots
Types and Uses
Effects on Health Care
Privacy Risks and Security Safeguards
Strategies to Evaluate System Effectiveness?
Management’s Role
Benefits that Support Quality Initiatives
Educational and Training Needs

Types and Uses
da Vinci Surgical System
Service Robots
Effects on
Health Care
Physicians Cover More Ground
Surgical Robots:
Carry All Needed Instruments
Precise Control by Doctor
Privacy Risks and Security Safeguards
"Your information is only as secure as the person with the password"
Strategies to Evaluate
System Effectiveness
Limited Operation
Limitations of Position and Force
Management’s Role
Benefits to Support
Quality Initiatives

Accurate and Fast
Improved Physician Accessibility
Reduce Human Error Rate
Lower risk of Contamination
Better Utilization of Staff
Educational and
Training Needs
Working Knowledge of Software
Necessary Skills
Technical Knowledge
Robot Specific Training
Surgical Training for Physicians at Universities
Sonia Candia, Angela Liles, Juan Rodriguez, Nicole Serrano, and LaDonna Shomlea
HCS 483 Health Care Information Systems
July 16, 2013
Dr. Baron Smith

Types and Uses in Health Care
Anticipated Effects Health Care
Privacy Risks
Evaluating System Effectiveness
Management’s Role
Benefits of Health Care Robots
Education and Training Needed
#HCRobots 1
#HCRobots 2
#HCRobots 3
Better Access to Specialists
Saving Money
Decreasing Cost
Improving Quality of Care
Technological Advances
Monitoring & Privacy
Abuse or Neglect
#HCRobots 5
#HCRobots 7
#HCRobots 8
#HCRobots 9
Improve Quality of Care
Cost Effectiveness
Culture & Good Employees
#HCRobots 10
#HCRobots 11
#HCRobots 14
#HCRobots 15
#HCRobots 16
“The care is safer, better, and more effective.”
-Dr. Neil Martin
#HCRobots 12
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Aethon TUG
Blood Samples
#HCRobots 6
#HCRobots 4
Real World Examples
#HCRobots 13
Simroid from Japan
#HCRobots 17
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