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Illegal immigrants SHOULD HAVE access to social services suc

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Ilana Hernandez

on 11 November 2013

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Transcript of Illegal immigrants SHOULD HAVE access to social services suc

Undocumented immigrants SHOULD HAVE access to social services such as health care and public education in order to protect all Americans
Closing Remarks

Beneficial to the Economy
The CON side argued that undocumented immigrants don't benefit the economy because they only contribute a fraction of the total costs of the services they use. However, they fail to mention all the restrictions that the local, state and federal governments place on undocumented workers when it comes to contributing to the economy, such as the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

"If illegal aliens were allowed to get insurance, more money would be put into the economy. I think that they would also be more comfortable using it frequently to cover charges; rather, than unwell illegal aliens having to spend a lot of money for treatment, which will discourage them from doing it again." (Danielle Alavian) - With the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act in place, undocumented immigrants can't purchase private insurance, If we just gave them the opportunity to purchase their own insurance, our economy would benefit in more than one way,
It is unethical.
I believe that it is unethical and unjust to deny basic rights of health and education to anyone at all, including those who live in our country as "undocumented". A person should not need to be "documented" as an entity on a piece of paper or as a number anyway! It is unconstitutional to deny life and liberty to anyone. (Ann Cromley)

Denying undocumented immigrants access to public health services means putting lives at risk. Morally and socially this is unethical and a life means more than legal status. With that said, many recent surveys show that United States citizens generally leans towards positive regards to undocumented immigrants (NCBI).

America is founded on immigrants and many have dealt with discrimination when entering the United States. We should reroute our past routines and welcome immigrants with open arms because America is supposed to be a place of refugee rather than hatred.

In the case of public education it is simply unconstitutional to deny children access to a basic right.
Public education will lead to a decrease in immigrant use of the welfare system.
The CON side argued that providing undocumented children with public education has resulted in an increase in costs for states; therefore, states cannot properly fund their school system causing a decrease in the quality of education that is received. However, this argument of overpopulation is only valid in a handful of states, such as California and New York. Only states with a high rate of undocumented immigrants face issues in their economies due to overpopulation NOT every state. Which leads us to the question: what about all those other states that continue to have trouble funding their education system without the issue of overpopulation?

By denying undocumented children an education, we just add to our economical problems. Without an education, these people cannot better themselves and therefore they won't benefit the economy in the long run. "One thing that was mentioned that made me really agree with your side of the argument was that if education was provided to illegal immigrants it would decrease the number of them that relied on the welfare system. I think regardless of whether someone is legal here or not, like you also stated, they came here to provide a better life for their family and I think we as “The land of the free” are obligated to help fulfill that dream by giving them the opportunities to succeed." (Jamie Walbridge)

Summary of PRO Argument
Undocumented immigrants play a central role in the economy (both macro and micro).
Prohibited access to social services is unethical and creates a new subclass of people.
Access to public education will decrease the number of undocumented workers on welfare in the long run.
By having access to social services, the entire US community reaps the benefits.
Ilana Gonzalez & Adrianna Ukaj
The US Community benefits.
As long as undocumented immigrants live in our country, their access to social services can only benefit the American community. With access to health care, they not only keep themselves healthy but they keep our country healthy, Believe it or not US citizens come into contact with undocumented workers more than they know. It's important that these people are healthy and maintain a healthy lifestyle in order to keep Americans healthy.

"Many of the undocumented workers that come into America are in personal contact with many Americans, such as cooking our food or maintaining properties. Since there is such contact with the undocumented workers it is important that they are healthy, not only for their own good but also for the health of the entire country (Sydney Mas)" - Providing them with health care allows for undocumented workers to seek medical attention when they are infected with communicable diseases such as the flu or common cold,

"It also gives them the opportunity to be treated for and vaccinated from infection disease. "The CDC has stated there are increased numbers of tuberculosis and small pox, and tracking these cases leads to "foreign-born persons entering the United States." It seems as though it would be worth providing health care for all people living in the US for the safety of all" (Danielle DiCenzo)

Local, state, and federal government restrict undocumented workers from contributing to the United States economy.

It is unconstitutional and life risking to deny undocumented workers with access to public services.

Denying undocumented children only brings in the "blame" game and does not solve the true problem of an underfunded educational system.

Undocumented immigrant health is essential to
our health.
Lets not forget our own Constitution!

Based off of the Fourteenth Amendment “ No state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.” This provision is known as the Equal Protection Clause and under this provision, the Court believed that if states have free public education to United States citizens as we as foreign-born children, than they cannot deny such an education to undocumented children (Public Education for Immigrant Students).
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