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Sophia Caselnova

on 13 June 2013

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Transcript of Dance

By: Maya Scocozza and Sophia Caselnova
Dance doesn't pin point back to a specific time, but it was one of the first forms of communication.
Some types of dance:
Hip Hop
Tap is characterized by rapidly tapping toes and heels. This type of dance is usually fast-paced.

Ballet began to take its form in the sixteenth century. The earliest performances were lavish entertainments given in the courts of Renaissance Italy.

Hip Hop
Hip Hop began in the late 1960's and continues to evolve today. It originated in New York City and it is extremely popular due to it's spunky moves and its ability to allow dancers to express their individuality.

Jazz dancing actually came from African culture imported by slaves. The natives danced to celebrate the cycles of life: birth, puberty, marriage and death. It was greatly depended on to express cultural beliefs.
The art of lyrical dance is a fusion of ballet and jazz dance techniques. A lyrical dancer's movements attempt to show the meaning of the music.
Wearing your hair in a bun is a crucial part of attire for when doing dance. It keeps hair out of the dancer's face while they are performing so they can see what they are doing.
In every routine, everything MUST be PERFECT. Teachers suggest wearing dance tights beneath your costume and during class. The tights help make everyone look like one unit and it also helps protect your legs from the wooden floor for when you are doing floor moves.
When learning and practicing new dance moves, the teachers usually make it manditory to wear tight clothing such as a leotard. A leotard is a one-piece body-liner that is usually skin tight and it helps the teacher see where you are making mistakes with your upper body.
In most routines, (ESPECIALLY for competitions), make up must be identical on all the dancers. The makeup usually matches the costume and the theme of the dance.
classic ballet slippers

Ballet Shoes
There are two types of ballet shoes: Point and classic ballet slippers. Point shoes have a flat tip and have plaster in them so the foot will stay stable. Classic ballet slippers on the hand are leather with a smooth sole on the bottom so you can easily do turns and leaps.
point slippers
Tap Shoes
There are many different forms of tap shoes but they all serve the same purpose. Every style of tap shoe has two metal plates on the bottom of each shoe; one on the top and and one on the heel.
Hip Hop Shoes
Hip Hop shoes are very basic. They occasionally look like regular sneakers. They have big ,thick black soles in order to have the sounds of you stomping your feet echo.

Black Hip Hop Shoes

black tap: heeled
Lyrical Shoes
Lyrical shoes are very, very simple. They are known as Toe Thongs. They seriously look like underwear. One section for the big toe and another bigger section to hold the rest of the toes. There are two pads on the bottom to help with turning and sliding.

black tap:low classics
Toe Thongs

Jazz shoes
Jazz shoes are similar to ballet shoes except they are completely sealed and they aren't completely flat on the bottom.

Black Jazz shoes
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